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PORTFOLIO JEFF DANZIGER DIALOGUE C -Ad FOE .–t n IOP i IF-1 11.1 , 7. 1.1 .[-…11. 1 t “Il ,E1 PR1E’ –i7 11-‘: FREE VOICES but will hew hard to right as we see it. We truth, to human values of humankind as the we will take orders from and never will we over to serve the interests of iti the human spirit. their own work, but not written, and in necessarily imply that we is a journal of free voices. raw THE TEXAS ILO server A JOURNAL OF -.We will serve no group or party the truth as we find it and the are dedicated to the whole above all interests, to the rights foundation of democracy; . none but our own conscience, look or misrepresent the truth the powerful or cater to the ignoble Writers are responsible for for anything they have not themselves publishing them we do not agree with them because this Publisher: Ronnie Dugger . Editor: Dave Denison Associate Editor: Louis Dubose Editorial Assistant: Kathleen Fitzgerald Editorial Intern: Shannon Stay inoha Calendar: Kathleen Fitzgerald Washington Correspondent: Richard Ryan Contributing Writers: Bill Adler, Betty Brink. Warren Burnett, Jo Clifton, Craig Clifford, John Henry Faulk, Terry FitzPatrick, Gregg Franzwa, Bill Helmer, James Harrington, Amy Johnson, Michael King, Dana Loy. Rick Piltz, Gary Pomerantz, Susan Raleigh, John Schwartz, Michael Ventura, Lawrence Walsh Editorial Advisory Board: Frances Barton, Austin; Elroy Bode, Kerrville; Chandler Davidson, Houston; Bob Eckhardt, Washington, Austin; John Kenneth Galbraith, Cambridge, Mass.; Lawrence Goodwyn, Durham, N.C.; George Hendrick, Urbana, Ill.; Molly Ivins, Austin; Larry L. King, Washington, D.C.; Maury Maverick, Jr., San Antonio; Willie Morris, Oxford, Miss.; Kaye Northcott, Austin; James Presley, Texarkana; Susan Reid, Austin; Geoffrey Fred Schmidt, Fredericksburg; Robert Sherrill, Tallahassee, Fla. Layout and Design: Layne Jackson Typesetter: Becky Willard Contributing Photographers: Vic Hinterlang, Bill Leissner, Alan Pogue. Contributing Artists: Eric Avery, Tom Ballenger, Richard Bartholomew, Jeff Danziger, Beth Epstein, Dan Hubig, Pat Johnson, Kevin Kreneck, Carlos Lowry, Ben Sargent, Dan Thibodeau, Gail Woods. Managing Publisher: Cliff Olofson Subscription Manager: Stefan Wanstrom Publishing Consultant: Frances Barton Development Consultant: Hanno T. Beck for a three-week interval between issues in January and July \(25 issues per Second class postage paid at Austin, Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to P.O. Box 49019. Austin, Texas 78765 SUBSCRIPTIONS: One year $27, two years S48, three years $69. Fulltime students S15 per year. Back issues S3 prepaid. Airmail, foreign, group. and bulk rates on request. Microfilm editions available from University Microfilms Intl.. 300 N. Zeeb Road. Ann Arbor. MI 48106. Any current subscriber who finds the price a burden should say so at renewal time; no one need forgo reading the Observer simply because of the cost. Address all correspondence to: The Texas Observer, 307 West 7th Street. Austin. Texas 78701. … Lean Unionism Just a note to commend you for your fine article, “Anatomy of a Union Victory” \(TO, “a lean and efficient staff that uses a community-based approach” does seem to be the key. This was Cesar Chavez’s technique and it worked for farmworkers where all other efforts failed. Also, thoroughly enjoyed Fred Schmidt’s mid-thirties reverie about becoming an adult on the streets of San Antonio Joske’s the public library… . Roy Evans Grand Prairie Adjectival Analysis Regarding “Jim Wright’s Revenge” \(TO, 1.hypersensitive 2.bumbling fools 3.noodle-headed 4.latest siege on press freedom 5.commando-in-chief 6.clumsy water buffaloes 7.niggling objections 8.pork barrel 9.hack politician Come on now! This is good objective analysis? D.D. failed in both articles to give any evidence that any of the charges were true or that any other method than that used by Robert Strauss would have resulted in Jim Wright’s rebuttal being available. Robert Strauss and Jim Wright are known as skilled negotiators, used by leaders in both parties in difficult situations. Workable compromise stressing the possible is their forte and has led both to the pinnacle of power. The editorial might have been more aptly titled, “Dave Denison’s Revenge.” The most interesting item in the April 22 issue was the letter from Maury Maverick, Jr. I certainly agree with him about the past for alternatives, I do not find any that are satisfactory. Making a choice between becoming a Republican, a Libertarian, or a dropout does nothing for me. The only possibility I see is to hold fast to my beliefs and work toward their accomplishment through the Democrats. I have no bias against winning either. My primary vote went to Jesse Jackson. He is forcing the Democrats to seriously debate the issues that are important to poor and middle-class families. However, it is now apparent that our nominee for President will be Michael Dukakis. So let us write his articles in a positive tone that will help him shape his foreign policy more to our liking rather than criticizing it so severely that he will feel forced to defend it. We also need to remind ourselves about possible results if we manage to defeat ourselves again. Barbara Clayton Fort Worth 2 MAY 20, 1988 .