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We have exceeded the population balance and we have done that, not only with people who work with the midand lower-range, but who also are in the management level. I would sort of be interested in what Mattox’s record is on female hiring. In our agency, the total number of females is 60 percent.” Richards said that she felt foolish in defending herself from the Attorney General’s recriminations. However, she cited her agency’s work with minority-owned banks to provide assistance in securing state deposits, and a recent action of the State Bond Review Committee, on which she serves. After state Senator Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, raised her concern about exclusion of minority bond lawyers and underwriters, Richards passed a motion requiring the new executive director instructed to develop recommendations on how the board can insure minority bonding house participation. The policy change also will require existing bonding houses and law firms to provide the review committee with affirmative action records. “The bottom line on equality is economic equity,” Richards said. “We can talk about social equality, but you’re not going to see the empowerment of women and minorities until they have some opportunity and some equality in their income.” Richards makes no apology for her association with the Lieutenant Gov ernor. “I’d like to know that calendar date,” [when Hobby changed his political philosophy}, the Treasurer said “I have long been a friend of Bill Hobby and am grateful for that friendship. Hobby has long been very helpful to me. In fact, I might add, when we were trying to deal with a lot of county issues that effected juvenile probation and the problems of children in the state of Texas, and also dealing with other problems with women’s issues -of course Attorney General Mattox was in Congress then and was not here on the state level so I don’t guess he would know about those things -Hobby was very helpful and I’m really grateful to him for that. “You know, I think the other thing that’s important to say, Richards said, “is, I think you judge the quality of officials by their willingness to bring things to consensus what are very difficult issues. I think it behooves us, once we are elected to public office, to become statespeople, if you will, and not just politicians. Posturing, finger-pointing and loud voices seldom solve problems. Problems are solved by people of good will and good reason who can bring the disparate sides together to seek a solution.” Richards suggested that performance, more than political philosophy, would be an issue in what looks like a certain primary contest between the State Treasurer and the Attorney General. “Perhaps if there is going to be any line or division drawn between Jim and me, it is going to be one of our ability to get things done. And I hope, in a fashion that would restore public confidence in government. Not leaving people feeling fearful of reprisals. It really is a fundamental difference in governance.” votittOkeelkof just too negative,” Salinas said. He added that he felt that Jackson was sincerely interested in solutions to the problems faced by the residents of the colonias and that he did not intend to offend anyone. Tony Bonilla, a Corpus Christi attorney and former national coordinator for the 1984 Jackson campaign, came . to Jackson’s defense, arguing that the colonias are ” America’ s Ethiopia.” The term Third World is often applied to colonia living conditions. Jackson’s mistake, however, seems to be the exaggerated comparison to a specific subdeveloped country. V More chemically treated Banana Republicans. This time it was Rep. John G. Willy, R-Angleton and Jim Tallis, R-Sugarland, who were met by Texas Chemical Council official Harry Whitworth, as they stepped on the tarmac of the Harlingen Airport in September. The two Houston-area Republicans, according to several ,Observer sources, were in the Lower Rio Grande Valley to hunt white-wing doves with the Chemical Council. Chemically dependent legislators traditionally migrate to the Valley in large numbers in early fall to join the Council on their yearly hunt. So watch their votes on chem issues in the coming session. 20 NOVEMBER 6, 1987