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A’ I Ili c_ PM \\917/ \\71./// OUR HOTEL GUESTS GET ASTROWORLD & WATERWORLD TICKETS AT A DISCOUNT!!! Whole Earth Provision Company Nature Discovery Gifts amaze, inform, delight Choose froth our business or family gifts of lasting value, for all ages, price ranges and any occasion. Call or stop by and let us make suggestions. 2410 San Antonio St. 4006 South Lamar Blvd. 8868 Research Blvd. Irti SWILiatAirkS.V;;Itx ,440014.\(1a 4.4oLli.w 4,64SCONONIN14462adr.fial&cendACKAIWAArAgMeachaildigY Democrats’ leader Billie Carr, is an energy policy. Carr continues to quietly speak on behalf of Dukakis while arguing that he has to come to terms with something like an oil import fee if he is to carry the state. She is also dismissing Gephardt because of his stands on the abortion issue. I/ This has the looks of a match made in hell Whitmire and Lalor but with the state’s two financial officers lining up to run for governor and lieutenant governor, Billie Carr is mentioning Houston Mayor Kathy Whitmire for comptroller or treasurer. Whitmire, a CPA who moved from the comptroller’s to mayor’s office in Houston, is a likely candidate to replace Bullock or Richards. But Houston Comptroller Lance Lalor, Whitmire’s hometown adversary who once described his mayor as “a slimy worm,” has also been mentioned as a candidate for state treasurer or comptroller, raising the possibility of a city feud spreading across the state. There are probably few candidates as qualified as Whitmire to replace Bullock or Hobby but the prospect of running against or working with Lalor might be sufficient to keep her in Houston. 1. Houston Post columnist Felton West turned up another strange law ‘enacted by the 70th legislature. The bill, sponsored by Ron Wilson, D-Houston a representative who could be considered the session’s AT&F of the year provides for liquor sales permits in stretch limousines. Wilson, who chairs the House Liquor Regulation Committee, admitted that he sponsored the law after learning that Dallas limo operators had been arrested for illegally furnishing liquor to passengers and then billing them for the services, according to West. Wilson’s wet-car law requires a $100 initial permit fee, to be renewed at $50 per year, and a five cent per drink tax. Wilson earlier sponsored a law that would allow private citizens to carry handguns in public places. t/’ Another Texas liberal who might have designs on a statewide office has also been workirig the chip and dip circuit. Dallas Congressman John Bryant was being introduced at the aroundthe-Hyatt crowd by Austin political activist Glenn Maxey as a man “who may be the next attorney general of Texas.” That Bryant scribes followed in the Congressman’s wake, jotting down names and organizational contacts, suggests that Bryant could have something in the works. Bryant would have to work at building a statewide organization if he intends to run against a candidate like Lloyd Doggett who has also shown some interest in the race. Doggett has a statewide organization on paper and computer disc from races against distasteful Republicans like Kent Hance and Phil Gramm. Bryant’s blistering public attack on Senator Lloyd Bentsen on Bentsen’s Mugwumping on the Bork vote might make it difficult for Bryant to run a statewide campaign. Bryant was dead \(rc Dick Maegle, V.P. \(SUMMER DISCOUNT $3995 DBL. KIDS FREE ..18 & UNDER right with his assessment of the state’s senior Senator. But as always, the book on Bentsen is money. A recent Harpers Index has Bentsen bringing in $20,000 per day in campaign money. Not bad for an incumbent who will have to square off with a Republican heavyweight like Harris County State Senator Don Henderson in the general election. Some were even speculating that Bryant was considering a race against Bentsen. HOUSTON’S FABULOUS II MOTOR INN 6700 SOUTH MAIN SOLD AT OUR FRONT DESK FREE PARKING 713-522-2811 HOUSTON, TEXAS Across From Texas Medical Center laummi l 5 Minutes to Astrodome, Astroworld and Watenvorld Rice Stadium Zoo Golf CourseFat Stock Show The Summit THE TEXAS OBSERVER 19