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NE YEAR May 5, 1987 was a big day for us. Our first anniversary passed with a quiet pride in a successful year. Now we’re ready to move forward and build upon our solid foundation. The employee-owners of Futura want you as a satisfied customer. Call us at 442-7836 for a prompt quote on your next project. Em Wee Owned and Managed COMMUNICATIONS, INC. AUSTIN, TEXAS 1714 S. Congress 442-7836 Data Processing Typesetting Printing Mailing POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE v’ Harris County Democrats leader Billie Carr is lining up with Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, a candidate who seems to be cultivating the right political contacts in the state. In Austin, Carr discussed her earlier interest in Illinois Senator Paul Simon. But Simon, according to Carr, doesn’t seem to have a solid organization and fails to show or send representatives to key meetings. Dukakis, in June, met with Carr who accompanied him from Houston to Corpus Christi where he addressed the League of United Latin American Citizens convention. 1/ Someone buy this man a drink. Eddie Wilson, new owner of Scholz Garten, a traditional gathering spot for Austin liberals, recently declared the drinking establishment off limits to University of Texas fraternity and sorority parties. After citing the new drinking law and the fraternity boys’ annoying behavior, Wilson further justified his policy with a welcome political manifesto. “I want to return to the basics of the garten’s purpose,” Wilson said, “to serve the common people. For it to be dominated by the sons and daughers of the rich is just the opposite of its purpose.” s/’ Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower, who last month was featured on the cover of L.A. Weekly, where he is described as the leader of the nation’s “New Populism,” recently surfaced on the front page of the Bay Area Guardian where a Hightower visit to San Francisco was noted with the headline “KICKASS POPULIST HITS TOWN.” Other California publications are poised to announce the advent of a “Neo-Kickass Populism” that might even generate some enthusiasm in Orange County. v Just a coupla white guys sitting around voting . . . And Dallas City Councilman Charles Tandy is rankled by the criticism that white men run the city. In Dallas? “I want to take up for white males,” Tandy said after Councilmembers Dianne Ragsdale and Lori Palmer went public with complaints about the diminishing number of minority appointments to city posts. Of 257 recent appointments made by the Dallas council, 60 are black and 25 Hispanic. Blacks represent 42 percent of Dallas’s population. The eleven-member Dallas City Council is dominated by a conservative “gang of seven” that regularly outvotes Mayor Annette Strauss, and Councilmembers Strauss, Palmer and Craig Holcomb. A Dallas Times Herald front-page story predicted that the manipulation of the city’s Plan Commission by the conservative coalition led by Tandy will probably result in a commission more sympathetic to developer interests. V Senator Lloyd Bentsen continues with his drumbeat press release criticism of censorship in Managua. At regular intervals, the senator’s office issues a news release that describes Bentsen standing shoulder to shoulder at offices of La Prensa with editor Violeta Chamorro while Ms. Chamorro “looked at a proposed front page with huge sections cut out by the censors. Many days the censors cut out so many pages that there was no publication at all.” Bentsen \(who apparently never visits agriculture co-ops or other civilian targets destroyed by U.S. backed conwith the National Endowment for Democracy a business/labor organization operating under a congressional mandate to promote democracy abroad. The NED, described by Austin activist and former CIA agent John Stockwell as an ancillary organ of the CIA, will, Bentsen said, work to keep La Prensa solvent. 1/ One paper in need of a censor or at least some editorial discretion is the San Antonio Express-News. On the most recent Holy Sunday the Express-News dedicated their entire front page to the papal visit, leading with a 150 point BIENVENIDO, JOHN PAUL headline that cut a five inch swath across the top of the page. Under the headline a nine-by-ten papal portrait squeezed news coverage down to one column. And maybe that was fortunate. The one column included a litany of reasons why San Antonio should be “unforgettable for John Paul II.” Inside, five complete sections were devoted to the Pope and his minions. Even their weekly TV insert went with a pontifical cover. Other than a Sunday supplement cover that promised details on “The Sexy Truth About Charles & Di” papal news was all the news that fit. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 25