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Call or stop by and let us make suggestions. 2410 San Antonio St. 4006 South Lamar Blvd. 8868 Research Blvd. 411001Lime.ft m :;r: ,00404.4:14…,,Noewia malit.w.fru4A;400mohthartaQ06:313:4 4r AluteakuaM 1/ If Democratic Leadership Council Executive Director Alvin From didn’t tailor his speech to suit the Mark White Democrats that are the heart and soul of The Texas Group, then the DLC is perhaps slouching toward Sam Nunn, now that Gary Hart is out of the picture. From spoke to a candidate screening at Austin’s Raddison Hotel, opening with swipes at the press \(which was not in peace and disarmament faction of the Democratic Party. Most presidential candidates or candidate-representatives in attendance sensed the mood and told the predominantly white, male Texas Group what they wanted to hear. One exception was Kitty Dukakis who insisted that: “We’re not going to disassociate ourselves from the peace movement.” Later in the day, after Austin Mayor Frank Cooksey introduced Ms. Dukakis to a more diverse audience at the Austin Commission on Women, \(an ovation when speaking against U.S. aid to the contras. “I’m going back to Massachusetts to tell my husband that I spoke out against contra aid in Texas and got a standing ovation,” Dukakis said. Other candidates represented at the screening session were Bruce Babbitt, Richard Gephardt, Joseph Biden, Albert Gore and Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. Rev. Jesse Jackson was invited, according to the Texas Group, but did not attend. Gore’s representative tried to explain the Senator’s wife Tipper’s position on rock music lyrics to Houston Rep. Debra Danberg who asked if Ms. Gore was associating the party with a “right wing lunatic fringe.” Danberg later said that Ms. Gore could be unwittingly lending her support to elements of the far right, “enfranchizing their efforts and they are not going to stop with rock and roll lyrics. ” A/ More fringe: Democrat George Roden has thrown his gun in the ring and announced for the presidency. Roden is running an old fashioned gun campaign, invoking the second amendment. On the right to bear arms this fellow “out Herods Herod” who these days in Houston Rep. Ron Wilson, sponsor of an unsuccessful bill to permit private citizens to carry concealed weapons arguing for the right to bear arms in airplanes and airports to stop hijackers who prey on helpless people. Roden also writes that guns can do social good, “protecting one’s wife or husband from marital interference is not murder and divorces will go down drastically.” Roden is from Waco. A/ Patriotic Gore in the House: The Senator from Tennessee himself arrived two days after the Texas Group screening session and spoke informally to House members adjourning after a morning of debate on abortion legislation. Gore invoked the name of another former Tennessean, Sam Houston, and reminded departing representatives of the large contingent of Tennessee volunteers who died defending the Alamo. Unlike both Jackson and Hart, who previously addressed the legislature, Gore said nothing of substance. “I will,” he promised, “return on a more appropriate occasion to talk about issues.” 1/1 Senator Phil Gramm sent a videotaped message to the South Texas Development Conference when they convened in McAllen in mid-May. Gramm couldn’t be present but he wanted to say s a good word about maquiladoras, the fabricating plants most of which have set up on the Mexican side of the border. Gramm, according to the McAllen Monitor, promised to defend the maquiladoras from forces in Washington who would see them shut down. “It’s obviously under assault here in Washington by people who don’t understand it and think that by shutting down our twin plants they can create jobs in their part of the country. . . . That’s just not going to happen,” Gramm said. Gramm blamed labor unions and other organizations who fear that their jobs will be lost to cheap Mexican labor. The system, according to Gramm, creates about 250,000 jobs in Mexico and one million jobs in the U.S. V Governor Bill Clements has suspended his regular Tuesday morning press conferences and the official word is that he needs more time to attend to urgent legislative issues. But the governor’s last two meetings with the press weren’t exactly what executive office media people would call success. At his penultimate stand-up session the Gov. fumbled through a “who’s on first” routine trying to match aides with issues. And after his last Tuesday morning meeting, Rockwall Sena Ted Lyon tagged him the “Master of Disaster,” when a slip of the Clements lip resulted in the unraveling’ of a delicate compromise on abortion legislation. This came just before the governor publicly forgot that he had fired the chairman of the state board of health on the previous Friday. Not a great deal of useful information was disseminated at these affairs but for sheer entertainment value they were hard to beat. Perhaps he’ll reconsider. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 27