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OBSERVANCES December 20, 1951 Atomic energy first used to generate electricity in the United States. December 24, 1865 Ku Klux Klan formed in Pulaski, Ten nessee. December 26, 1877 Workingmen’s Party reorganized as Socialist Labor Party. December 29, 1970 Congress passes Occupational Safety and Health Act. January 1, 1952 First hydrogen bomb exploded by the United States. January 3, 1883 Supreme Court rules that Native Americans are “aliens.” January 7, 1978 = Voters establish Missoula, Montana, as the nation’s first nuclear free zone. BIKES FOR NICARAGUA Bikes Not Bombs is a group organized to collect bicycles and spare parts for donation to Nicaraguan workers in health and education. The group is sponsoring a tour of Nicaragua from January 7-10, which will include meetings with government officials, the church, the press and others. The tour will be led by Phillip Russell, a noted scholar on Central America. For more information, A WOMAN’S RIGHT On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court affirmed a woman’s right to legal abortion. On January 20, 1987, Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas, Inc., will host a luncheon commemorating the 14th anniversary of this event. The honored guest and speaker will be Sarah Weddington, the Texas attorney who successfully argued the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion case before the Court. The noon luncheon will be held at the Lincoln Post Oak, Houston. For more information, please contact the Education Department of 6363. JOURNEY Texas Lutheran College will sponsor a symposium on Central American migration on February 5-6. The 1987 Krost Symposium will focus on the causes of Central American migration, on its effects in both the United States and Central America, and on the policies of the U.S. government. complete personal and business insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY 808-A East 46th P.O. Box 4666, Austin 78765 Pho to by Alan Pog ue Waiting to cross, near Tijuana. ALAN POGUE SHOW Photos by Alan Pogue will be shown at Galeria Sin Fronteras, 1211 E. 7th St. , Austin, from January 18 through February 20. This show will feature his agricultural workers portfolio as well as 50 other photographs. SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR Scheduled speakers include U.S. government officials, immigration lawyers, and activists from across the political spectrum. For more information, please write to Juan Rodriguez, Texas Lutheran College, Seguin, Texas CLASSIFIED . , Packrat Press, 4366 N. Diana Ln., Oak Harbor, WA 98277. Free catalog. BOOKS Plato called democracy “a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder,” Otto Mullinax writes in Thus Spake Idiot?, essays about modern life illuminated by the wisdom of the ages. Afterword by Mark Adams. $12.95 hardbound; $8.95 paperback; $2 per book shipping. Packrat Press, 4366 N. Diana Ln., Oak Harbor, WA 98277. Free catalog. MERCHANDISE FREEWHEELING BICYCLES. 2404 San Gabriel, Austin. For whatever your bicycle needs. TRAVEL Operation: Why You Wanna Go THERE? is Franklin Jones, Sr.’s, account of his trip behind the Iron Curtain. Hardbound, illustrated, $19.95 plus $2 shipping. Introduction by Mark Adams. BACKPACKING MOUNTAINEERING RAFTING. Outback Expeditions, P.O. Box 44, 22 DECEMBER 19, 1986