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Jimmy Marg u lies r ommaNzwiq l America’s a free Country. If private groups want to aid the Contras-. West German, Danish, British, and Dutch troops. The accidents occurred mainly on public roads and injured 35 people, about a third of whom were civilians. The military maneuvers also caused about $5.5 million in damage to crops and farmland when tanks and armored personnel carriers charged through field and dale destroying plant life. The Orange and White Don’t let those BMWs fool you. Students at the University of Texas at Austin turned out solidly in favor of Mark White in the recent election. White received 63.8 percent of the vote in student precincts; Clements got only 36.2 percent. The students also went strongly with Rep. Jake Pickle for Congress over Republican Carole Rylander. This, after the same precincts gave Reagan 53 percent of the vote in 1984. Rather than face tougher restrictions imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in the last few years, some U.S. companies have found that the cheapest way to get rid of toxic waste is to truck it across the border and dump it in.Mexico. United States and Mexican environmental authorities recently signed an agreement to control the, passage of hazardous waste from one country to the other. The agreement requires, that the country receiving the waste must give written consent in advance of shipments and that the U.S. agree to accept the return of hazardous materials that Americans have improperly transported across the border. The agreement does not force the United States to clean up Mexican resources that American wastes may have contaminated. While people in Mexico continue to be exposed to the toxic wastes of U.S. industry, they also could become guinea pigs for U.S. drug companies. When President Reagan “with mixed feelings” recently signed a bill to compensate victims of injuries caused by childhood vaccinations. he said he liked the part of the bill that will permit drug companies to export pharmaceuticals not yet approved for use in the United States. Reagan said the foreign sales of these drugs will -increase the competitiveness of the American pharmaceutical industry abroad. Third World countries such as Mexico have traditionally received U.S. pharmaceuticals not considered safe enough for licensing in this country. Twelve percent of the U.S. families in the highest income groups, but less than 1 percent of the entire U.S. household count, is composed of lawyers and accountants, according to the Federal Reserve Bulletin. Sinking Fast Texas ranks between 45th and 49th in human services funding, and a Department of Human Services official recently charged that, if the state’s priorities don’t change, services such as those protecting children from physical abuse will become more strained. David Reilly, regional director of the agency’s child protective service branch, said that a two-year-old Texas girl was recently tortured to death after her family’s file as well as 150 others had been closed as a result of budget cuts. The child died in late September after being struck on the side of the head. Five other children in the family had been taken from the home previously and placed in foster care. A North Texas woman watches for her ex-husband with a loaded gun after a state law prevented her from filing sexual assault charges despite her claims that her husband forced her to have sex with another man. The Foard County district attorney said that, because it appeared that the woman did not protest during the sexual act, no charges can be brought against the man. But the district attorney also said state law does not allow a husband to be charged in connection with sexual assault on his wife. Assistant state Attorney General Reed Lockhoof said, “When you read the statutes, it does sound like a spouse has been exempted from sexual assault. The wording of the statute appears to create a legal obstacle to prosecution.” The mental state of the American work force is declining. Stress, boredom, and frustration at work are causing substantial health problems in this country, according to the national Centers for Disease Control. Job-related insurance claims filed across the country are citing mental stress as a major problem, and “there is increasing evidence that an unsatisfactory work environment may contribute to psychological disorders,” CDC said in a recent report. Similarly, a California study shows that while other disabling work injuries declined by about 10 percent during the beginning of this decade, “Work-related neuroses” more than doubled. Truer Words Never Spoken Representing a group called the “Council for Inter-American Security,” U.S. Sen. Orin Hatch has sent out a mass reminder that the cold war in our country is alive and well. This time it’s in the form of a book that Hatch is pushing, The Revolution Lobby by Allan C. Brownfeld and J. Michael Waller. For just $25, you can read all about communist infiltration in our own national government. Hatch says misguided congressional leaders, so liberal “they refuse to see Communism for what it is,” have become “blind to the Communist Threat” and have turned their backs on national security. “I must warn you,” says Hatch, “the threat to our national security comes from OUR OWN UNITED STATES CON-GRESS!” THE TEXAS OBSERVER 15