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Life Insurance and Annuities Martin Elfant, CLU 4223 Richmond, Suite 213, Houston, TX 77027 Sutife OF CANADA POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE Breathless A recent issue of Sarah McClendon’s Washington newsletter carried a breathEads, the Belton D.A. who is president of the National District Attorneys Association, on Eads’s meeting with President Ronald Reagan: “I sat beside him. I was overwhelmed by an aura. I tried to speak and I could not get my breath. I had such a good feeling. I felt as if he cared. He was warm and personal. I will never forget that moment.” The Sierra Club and Sportmen’s Clubs are spearheading a suit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its “failure to carry out the Clean filed in late August, 1985, was in response to Texas’ “1600 miles of rivers and streams in this state . . . [that are] officially considered ‘non-fishable’ and non-swimmable,’ ” says a Sierra Club press release. The plaintiffs, later joined by the Environmental Defense Fund, which focuses on environmental studies and legal enforcement, further assert that this estimate is too low and the problem is still growing. Locally, the Texas Water Commission bears responsibility for overseeing the state’s water anti-pollution efforts. A reorganization of the Texas Water Commission in late August has led to improvement in terms of a more receptive commission, the Sierra Club reports. But the club is still pressing its suit: “Future commissioners and staff people may not be as committed to water quality as the current ones,” says the club. And there are wider objectives at Political Intelligence is reported by Beau Barton, Ron Caesar, and Ellen Williams. East Dallas Printing Company Full Service Union Printing 211 S. Peak Dallas, Tx 75226 stake. The Sierra Club and Sportsmen’s Clubs see the EPA’s unwillingness to enforce clean water laws as the root cause of the problem. The “EPA has abdicated its responsibility to assure the protection of water quality in Texas,” says the Sierra Club. “We hope to set some national precedents in this case to make sure that the federal agency charged with protecting our nation’s water quality actually does its job.” Attorney Stuart Henry of Austin will be lead counsel, aided by assistant professor of Law at SMU Jeffrey Gaba and New York lawyer James Tripp. Gaba was an attorney in EPA’s Office of General Counsel from 1977 to 1981. Tripp is general counsel for the Environmental Defense Fund. Off With Their Funds Republican Kent Hance, the Bully Boy of the Pampas, is already \(as we go to top of his head, trying to incite the worst in people in order to put himself into the Republican gubernatorial runoff. On April 9, Hance said that, if the City of Austin declared itself a sanctuary for Central American refugees, he “would look at legislation as governor to try to do something that would not allow the city to do that. I would look at cutting off their state funds if they did something like that.” Is he running for governor or emperor? The Inside Dope The Observer received a missive from LaRouchite Harley Schlanger, running for Congress in Harris County. If it was intended to show LaRouche candidates in a favorable light, it failed. A Schlanger press release begins: “The National Democratic Policy Committee [the LaRouche outfit] urges. . .” Clippings Schlanger sent along, marked “Special to Texas Observer,” came from the March 28 issue of the LaRouche publication, New Solidarity. They included a statement by LaRouche, commanding Adlai Stevenson of Illinois to meet with LaRouche, and an article charging the Anti-Defamation League split the Democratic party. Following is the article’s description of the ADL: “The ADL is part of the dope lobby, right from the top. Its national chairman, Kenneth Bialkin, was the attorney and business partner of Robert Vesco, the fugitive swindler, who now sits at the right hand of Fidel Castro in Havana, running the international cocaine trade. The ADL works with Chip Berlet and Dennis King, two reporters for High Times, the magazine of the dope loby in the U.S.” Given the ADL’s Jewish bent, the LaRouchites apparently thought it would strain credulity to throw Khadafy into the mix, much as they must have wanted to. 1/ For those who might have thought the campaign of Rep. Tom Loeffler for the Republican nomination for Governor doesn’t have a prayer, the Loeffler campaign and the Texas Coalition for Life developed a plan to distribute about 250,000 pieces of campaign literature at churches throughout the state on the Sunday before the primary. The flyers will emphasize Loeffler’s strong antiabortion stance, Sam Attlesey reported in the Dallas Morning News. Loeffler is also touting an endorsement from U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Illinois, the notorious anti-abortion leader in the House. But, on the other hand, one of Loeffler’s opponents, Kent Hance, has the blessing of the Lord’s television spokesman, Pat Robertson. Unfit V Here’s a story that was mysteriously buried in the state’s dailies: “Honduras Denies Request for Aid.” According to a three-paragraph UPI story on page 6A of the Dallas Times Herald on April 8, President Jose Azcona Hoyo of Honduras said it was “completely false” that his government requested $20 million in U.S. military aid in response to the so-called invasion by Nicaraguan troops. We couldn’t find the story at all in the New York Times. E THE TEXAS OBSERVER 19