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HOUSTON’S FABULOUS II Dick Maegle, V.P. SUMMERN DISCOUNT $3995 DBL. KIDS FREE _Is& UNDER MOTOR INN 6700 SOUTH MAIN OUR HOTEL GUESTS GET ASTROWORLD & WATERWORLD TICKETS AT A DISCOUNT!!! SOLD AT OUR FRONT DESK FREE PARKING 713-522-2811 HOUSTON, TEXAS Across From Texas Medical Center 5 Minutes to Astrodome, Astroworld and Waterworid Rice StadiumZooGolf CourseFat Stock ShowThe Summit I ON REAGAN THE MAN AND HIS PRESIDENCY By RONNIE DUGGER “An extremely useful and an extremely frightening book.” Washington Post “Sheds much light on the Reagan record . . . No one who reads Mr. Dugger’s illuminating book will be surprised again at the insensitivity of Ronald Reagan.” Anthony Lewis, New York Times “It should be read by all who claim to be serious about what course this nation is going to take.” Houston Post Name Address City State Zip The Texas Observer 600 West 7th Austin, Texas 78701 41 Send us $20 and we will send you an autographed copy of Ronnie Dugger’s acclaimed book on Ronald Reagan. \(Postage included; Texas residents These brief and plaintive sections of Klare’s book read like the exhortations of a man with one eye on congressional aides, desperately hoping that a few maverick congressmen will come to their senses and stop the juggernaut. I wish him godspeed; but I will not hold my breath waiting for this administration or its forseeable successors \(or, for that matter, their counterparts in the Soviet common sense God gave a non-rabid dog. For the rest of us, many times bitten more times warned. If there is a glimmer of light in this morass, it is that the worldwide recession has momentarily slowed the headlong arms transfers of the last ten years, although the decline is only in the rate of increase and seems only a glitch in the general expansion. There is the more heartening knowledge, of course, that the Vietnamese and the Nicaraguan revolutions were largely armed by the very weapons that were intended to keep them from ever taking place, and that, while George Schultz fulminates about Cuban expansionism, his colleagues in the Defense Department and the CIA are blithely sending the arms to El Salvador that will inevitably find their way into the hands of the FMLN. But this is blood logic and the mathematics of death, and it is small comfort to think on it. For in reading Michael Klare’s book, it came home to me as never before that our anguish over nuclear terror is in too large a degree a hypocritical fear that war will come directly to us while we conveniently forget that, in a hundred places around the globe, we are quietly and blindly committing murder by proxy. ANDERSON & COMPANY’ COFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON SiNIARE AUSTIN, TEXAS 78731 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip THE TEXAS OBSERVER 19