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AFTERWORD The following quotations from the famous and not-so-famous have appeared in the Observer this year. This is a test of reading and retention skills and of a devotion to arcane knowledge. 1. “We worry too much about the bomb from above rather than the gun from within.” Arthur Bremmer James R. Davis Edward Teller Ronald Reagan 2. “Congressmen have two goals, to be elected and to be re-elected.” J. Peter Grace George Bush Kent Hance Edd Hargett 3. “Reality seems to be moving so much faster than our capacity to appre hend it, touch it, let alone transform it.” George Strake Jean-Paul Sartre Carlos Fuentes Pete Patterson 4. “We’re losing a sense of social responsibility we used to have.” Gus Mutscher Kent Hance Jan McKenna Harry Whittington 5. “We had better take friends where we find them and worry about their table manners later.” Ronald Reagan Lloyd Bentsen Mark White James Beard 6. “Though its force often goes unperceived by foreign observers, theology is the key to understanding South Africa.” June Goodwin Gib Lewis . Jerry Falwell Willie Mae Kneupper lives in San Antonio, where she reads the Observer very closely. 7. “I frankly decry the growth of a twoparty system in Texas.” Kent Hance Gary Hart Grant Jones John Connally 8. “When you’re right, you feel strong. We feel stronger all the time because of the growing number of people who believe as we do.” Ed Meese Helen Ayala Kent Hance Jack Elder 9. “More and more of our citizens are living off Uncle.” Billie Sol Estes Billy Clayton Phil Gramm Robert Saunders 10. “How does it make sense continually to augment and refine an existing capability to make rubble bounce, and bounce, and bounce again?” David Lange Darrell Royal John Huston Trammel Crow 11. “Con men are likable people they couldn’t con anybody if they weren’t.” Thomas McDade Kent Hance Roy Mouer Clinton Manges 12. “Because people are a part of nature, too.” Jean Jacques Rousseau Gerald Geistweidt Stacey Lynn Merkt Kent Hance 13. “It is the lives that are lived that are a place.” John Henry Faulk R.G. Vliet Larry McMurtry Gertrude Stein 14. “Sooner or later in this state, you figure a governor has to die or go to jail.” John Maginnis Mark White Bill Clements Edwin Edwards 15. “Capital formation requires that people have the freedom to fail.” Bunker Hunt Alexander Hamilton 16. “Though Texas has developed great urban centers, there is still a large population that is suspicious of elitism in any form.” Lyndon Johnson Allan Shivers Peter T. Flawn Ima Hogg 17. “Farmers have to be astute businessmen these days.” Ma Joad Joe Maley John Block Bill Sarpalius 18. “We must be doing something right. To the general public we’re straightlaced and to the fundamentalists we’re liberal.” David Rockefeller Charles Darwin Ann Richards W.J. Whimpee 19. “I feel we don’t need government regulation in the bedroom.” Gib Lewis Candy Barr Roddy Stinson Jan McKenna 20. “They couldn’t understand that once in a while a guy does something because it’s right.” Clint Eastwood Charles Halleck Mark White Kent Hance 0_9 Answers \(1.0Z P’61 13’8I cl’LI 3’91 P’SI q q 3 I i E ’01 q ‘6 P 3 9g’SP’17 z q :sNiAsi \\jv Po p Q u iz By Willie Mae Kneupper THE TEXAS OBSERVER 23