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SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR NUCLEAR WAR PREVENTION KIT A kit containing ideas and information for the prevention of nuclear war, published by the Center’for Defense Information, an organization of retired military officers who oppose excesses in military spending and programs that increase the risk of nuclear war, is available from the Brazos Valley Peace Action organization, for order information and for details about the BUPA newsletter and resource guide. i Kit price is $2.50. n can Land Resource Associa . ksekplinary mem leg e d to the long V. of the American land ounced the creation of the program. This Land Use and onserVatio ,information Network Data Access program puts people who already know why land must be conserved in contact with people who know how. For more information on “state of the art” land and groundwater conservancy contact: LUCINDA at ALRA, Kevin Coyle, 5410 . Grosvenor Lane, Bethesda, Maryland JOBS WITH PEACE Jobs with Peace is a national campaign which seeks to redirect tax dollars away from excessive military spending in order to fund jobs and social programs in education, transportation, housing, health care, human services and other socially useful industries. The Campaign supports a nuclear weapons freeze, elimination of military waste and fraud, and the withdrawal of support for third world govern . ments which are known to violate human rights. For a copy of the Campaign’s newsletter contact: JPC, 76 Summer St., ART FOR ART’S SAKE The Texas Fine Arts Association has announced a call for entries to its first annual “Texas Realism” exhibition. Art OBSERVANCES August 19, 1870 Annie Webb Blanton, elected 1st woman State Superintendent of Public Schools in 1919 as Texas State Women’s Suffrage Association candidate, was born. August 25, 1957 Ruth Seeger, instructor at the Texas School for the Deaf, began her participation as the only American woman at the International Games for the Deaf, Milan, Italy. August 26, 1910 Sara Estela Ramirez, poet, socialist organizer in Laredo, Magonista, and Federal Labor Union organizer, died. August 26, 1893 Women won the vote with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. August 28, 1893 Olive B. Lee of Dallas edited and published the 1st issue of The Period, the only literary magazine then published in the state. August 28, 1963 The March on Washington, D.C., for civil rights began. August 28, 1968 Hundreds were arrested in Chicago during the Democratic National Convention. ists working in realist styles ranging from traditional to contemporary are invited to enter this twoand three-dimensional allmedia juried competiton designed to showcase the work of new and current members of TFAA, although artists may join TFAA at the time of entry. Contact 453-5312 for more information. The Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, will continue its exhibition “Hearts and Flowers: Contemporary Quilts by Mary Woodard Davis” through August 25. The exhibition was designed, executed, organized and circulated by Ms. Davis and is the first one-person show ever for this 84-year-old “legend of the Southwest.” ATTENTION PROGRAMMERS Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility is an organization concerned about society’s use and misuse of computer technology and especially about computers in the arms race. For more information write: CPSR, Box 717, Palo Alto, CA 94301. A chapter will be forming soon in Austin; interested people should call SANCTUARY NEWS The Austin Interfaith Task Force for Central American Refugees has prepared a proposal for a new short-term shelter for refugees in Austin. If you would like to contribute ideas or funds to the project CENTRAL AMERICA NEWS HOTLINES For current information about U.S. Central America policies and support activities call: Sanctuary News Hotline Central America Legislative Hotline Witness for Peace Hotline Congresspersons \(request THEATRE NEWS The Capitol City Playhouse, 214 West Fourth St., Austin, will continue its Works-in-Progress series of staged readings of original works by area playwrights with Skin Trade, August 25-27, and Gone to Texas, September 8-10. For ticket The Zachary Scott Theatre Center is accepting full-length, previously unproduced playscripts for the New Plays Realized Spring, 1986 series. Call details. Upcoming productions at ZSTC include: Austin on Tap Dance Theatre, August 21-25; and Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, September 13-October 6. 0541 for ticket information. Whole Earth Provision Company Nature Discovery Gifts amaze, inform, delight Choose from our business or family gifts of lasting value, for all ages, price ranges and any occasion. Call or stop by and let us make suggestions. 2410 San Antonio St. 4006 South Lamar Blvd. 8868 Research Blvd. East Dallas Printing Company Full Service Union Printing 211 S. Peak Dallas, Tx 75226 22 AUGUST 16, 1985