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point across,” but aides were vague about how well-attended the screenings were. McKenna is optimistic about the prospects for their bill since the house this term is “a very conservative body.” She believes “the people” are calling for anti-abortion legislation and it is the legislature’s job to “listen to the whims of the people.” v The Texas anti-sodomy law is scheduled for court hearing in New Orleans the week of June 17. The law was ruled unconstitutional by a Dallas Federal District Judge, whereupon an enterprising Amarillo District Attorney named Danny Hill took the matter up and won a motion for a rehearing before the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans. The state legislature reaffirmed its intention to keep sodomy illegal in the early ’70s, and Hill says the fact that one judge ruled it unconstitutional should not overturn the will of the lawmakers. Hill expects the matter to go all the way to the Supreme Court. V Earlier this March, Presbyterians in Texas approved a strongly worded motion urging churches to consider becoming sanctuaries for illegal aliens from El Salvador and .Guatemala. After sharp debate and rejection of weaker substitute measures, a regional meeting of the Grace Presbytery narrowly approved the motion. The Grace Presby tery is the regional governing organization for 50 counties in the Austin, Dallas-Forth Worth and North Texas area. Sensitive Dynamics 1/ A former General Dynamics executive has charged the company’s Fort Worth Division with offering bribes to foreign officials to get contracts for F16 jet fighter purchases. The accusations were made by P. Takis Veliotis in an interview in the March 25 issue of Business Week. Veliotis headed the company’s international sales effort before resigning in 1982 because of “legal problems.” Veliotis claims specifically that South Korean and Egyptian officials were bribed. Egypt has bought 80 F-16s and South Korea 36 in the past few years, according to the Fort Worth Star -Telegram. General Dynamics denies the charges “100 percent” and Veliotis says, “This is too sensitive for me to say anything right now.” V In other Fort Worth military news, Bell Helicopter Co. continued to sell military equipment to the Guatemalan army after U.S. support was cut off in 1977 because of the army’s human rights abuses, according to Chris Hedges of the Dallas Morning News. Bell not only sold the Guatemalan air force more than 25 helicopters in 1982 and 1983 but also trained Guatemalan air force pilots. V The Lower Colorado River Authority is asking for a $35.1 million electric rate increase but the request is meeting opposition. There is, it seems, some question about how responsibly the authority spends the money it has. Why, for example, do staff officials fly to West Germany on “business” as opposed to “coach” class when the Authority’s travel policy expressly forbids it? The additional cost, almost $5,000, was not re-imbursed by the staffers. Is it really necessary for the LCRA to pay the annual fees for 121 American Express cards for employees to avoid the hassle of cash advances or paying expenses out-of-pocket? And why should the LCRA send a board member to a rice millers’ meeting at the cost of almost $2,000? All this has become the LCRA way of doing business. And costs are going up. V When a reporter asked Attorney General Jim Mattox on the night he was acquitted of commercial bribery charges if he foresaw a run for governor, Mattox did not treat it as a silly question. The jubilant attorney general looked off into the distance, smiled, and said modestly that he would not be making any announcement for governor in the near future. Political Intelligence is gathered and reported by Kathleen Fitzgerald and Roger Williams. SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR Notices of future events must reach the Observer at least three weeks before the event. READING SERIES HOUSTON: The Houston Reading Series will continue its presentation of original works by poets, novelists, and other writers, April 9, Houston Art Museum, Brown Auditorium, 8 p.m., with readings by Alberto Rios and Frederick Busch. SAN ANTONIO: Hispanic writer Alberto Rios, author of The Iguana Killer and winner of the Academy of American Poets Walt Whitman. Award in 1981 for Whispering to Fool the Wind, will read from his works, April 11, UT-San Antonio, Teaching Gallery, 4:30 p.m. WINEDALE SPRING FESTIVAL The 18th Annual Winedale Spring Festival and Texas . Crafts Exhibition will be April 12 -14, Winedale Historical Center, FM Road 2714, Round Top, rain or shine. Traditional music, tours through restored buildings housing early Texas furniture, demonstrations of traditional crafts and frontier work will complement the craft exhibition. Write: Winedale Historical Center, Box 11, Round Top 78954 for a schedule and map. OBSERVANCES April 13, 1938 San Antonio pecan shellers’ strike settled after 2’/2 months. April 19, 1775 American Revolution began with the battles of Lexington and Concord. April 21, 1836 “Yellow Rose of Texas” Day honors Emily Morgan at Groce’s Plantation, who detained Santa Anna in his tent during the battle of San Jacinto. April 22 Earth Day. April 24, 1971 500,000 demonstrated in Washington, D.C., against the Vietnam War. BOOK AWARDS The Texas Circuit small press association and the City of Austin co-sponsor an annual book award program, whereby two $1,000 stipends are awarded to authors and publishers of literature in Austin to permit publication of works selected by a threemember, out-of-state jury. Deadline for entries’is April 12; award recipients will be announced June 30. Publishers and editors who submit manuscripts for the award must also submit a budget outline and production schedule. For details FREEZE WALK Take the first step toward a verifiable nuclear weapons freeze in the 3rd annual 10K Freeze Walk, April 13, Auditorium Shores, Austin, noon rally and 1 p.m. walk. Call the Austin Nuclear Weapons register and to find out about the great prizes. TEEN SEX The Travis County Human Services Forum will have a workshop on “Adolescents, Families, and Sexuality,” April 17, Gardner House, 2515 S. 16 APRIL 5, 1985