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Approximately how many times in a year do you and others in your household: rent or lease a car travel to other countries travel to other states Approximately how many times in a year do you and others in your household travel to these Texas cities? \(Enter number of trips on the Austin San Antonio Dallas Galveston Houston Panhandle El Paso The Valley Lubbock Gulf Coast Ft. Worth West Texas Midland-Odessa How many times did you and others in your household travel via commercial airlines during the past year? \(Round trip flights count as one If any of these flights were to the cities listed in the question above, air trips were made. Please circle the section of the Observer that you turn to or read first, and then make a check by the departments that you regularly read: cover article political intelligence editorial reviews dialogue social cause calendar afterword What other newspaper and general interest political magazines do you read regularly? Following is a list of topics which can be found in the Observer. Please indicate your degree of interest in reading about such topics in the Observer by checking the appropriate column: interest level low moderate high state government national government military issues Latin America nuclear weapons environmental issues feminist issues labor issues investigations of corporations and business in Texas agricultural issues urban issues community organizing film reviews music and live theater reviews book reviews poetry, fiction, short stories personal profiles humor/satire international news minority rights too little at tention in the Observer? Which? What’s the most important story from your part of Texas that the Observer ought to cover , Are there questions we have failed to ask that you wanted to answer? What’s your answer? The Texas Observer 600 West 7th Austin, Texas 78701 18 MARCH 22, 1985