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THE TEXAS Ma r k An to nucc io S ERVER A Journal of Free Voices February 8, 1985 One Dollar THE LOTTERY: MORALITY AND POLITICAL LIFE CTATE SENATOR Hector Uribe tells the story of Benjamin Franklin’s proposal to the Continental Congress for a lottery to raise funds for the American Revolutionary Army. It seems that, after making his proposal, Franklin, being a Quaker from a Quaker colony, abstained from voting on the proposition. After it was passed unanimously by all those voting, however, Franklin informed the Congress that his religion did not prevent him from printing the lottery tickets. Franklin’s printing company was then awarded the contract for lottery tickets. Such is political life. It comes, then, as no great surprise to find House Speaker Gib Lewis no bleeding heart, he saying last fall that he opposed the idea of a state lottery after seeing poor people waiting in line in New York City to buy lottery tickets they could not afford. And on the other side of the issue you find leaders in the fight against poverty, such as Senator Uribe, D-Brownsville, and state Representatives Larry Evans and Ron Wilson, both Houston Democrats, introducing bills calling for a state lottery. What gives? Have the leaders of each side undergone conversion experiences? Where’s the money behind the rhetoric?