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AFTERWORD Austin IN THE LAW SCHOOL, there are many murders. People slay each other without feeling. And then we sit in a class, discussing how this or that person was done in: how a little girl’s Former Observer reporter Ruperto Garcia is now pondering law at UT Law School. panties were torn and tossed or hidden in various corners of the room, and how a mother or brother arrived home to discover the atrocities. Later there’s laughter over some joke or other, and it all doesn’t seem to matter. Then, too, there are the political considerations for the killers: is the death penalty too much imposed on of 77 convicted of first degree murder, according to one study, only seven will then be killed by the state. And why I don’t know much these days. And every day I get more and more ignorant. It has come to bother me at times. Today, I seek solace on a friend’s back porch to once again look for justice. Once again I need to talk to people on the street and ask what justice means and who should get it. The law, I think, is probably as good a place as any to ask the questions, but I am wondering if it is the place to find the answers. There was a contract in one case woman then on welfare, with seven children, black, in Washington, D.C. in which a woman had agreed with someone selling furniture to her that if she should not be able to afford to pay for her final purchase a $500 stereo Law School Murders By Ruperto Garcia 837-7248; United Farm Workers Union, 4745019: Univ. Employees Union, 478-0546; Univ. Mobilization for Survival, 476-4503; West Aus. Demos., 454-2828; Women and Their Work, 477-1064; Women’s Advocacy Project, 477-8113. DALLAS ACLU, 651-7897; ACORN, 823-4580; Alliance for Mental Recovery. 436-1660; Amns. for Demo. Action, 368-8931: Armadillo Coalition, 349-1970; Bois d’Arc Patriots, 827-2632; Bread for the World, Joe Haag, 741-1991×298; Casa America Libre, 942-9413; Ctzns. Assn. for Sound Energy 946-9446; Ctzns. Party, 352-1239; Clean Air Coalition, 387-2785; Comanche Peak Life Force, 337-5885; Cmte. in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, 375-3715; Dallas Area Bilateral Nuclear Freeze Coalition, 324-1972; Dallas-Ft. Worth Solar Energy Assn., 522-2816; Dallas Friends Service Group, 321-8643; Dallas Gay Alliance, 528-4233; Dallas Inter-Religious Task Force on Central America, 375-3715; Dallas Nuclear Freeze Coalition, 324-1972; Dallas UN Assn., 526-1853; E. Dallas Nghbrhood Assn., 827-1181; Environmental Health Assn., 620-0620; Fellowship of Reconciliation 370-3805; Fredrick Douglass Voting League, 426-1867; Hard Times News, 9424236; Human Ecology Research Foundation, 620-0620; Humanists of North Tx., 381-1818; Lawyers’ Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control, 43 Charles St., Suite 3, Boston, 02114; Neighborhood Info. & Action Service, 8272632; N. Lake Col. Solar Club, 659-5254; N. Tx. Abortion Rights Action League 742-8188; 296-0122: 494-2990; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 688-2699; Progressive Voters League, 376-1660; Resistance Cmte., 942-4236: Sierra Club, 369-5543; Tx. Cmte. on Natural Resources, 352-8370: Tx. Tenants Union, 823-2733; UNICEF, 241-7807; War Resisters League, 337-5885; West Dallas Involvement Cmte., 1902 Bickers, 75212; Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 324-1972: World Federalist Assn., 392-2340. FORT WORTH ACLU, 534-6883; ACORN, 924-1401; 1830; Bread for the World \(Dist. 924-1440; Citizens for Education on Nuclear Utility Regulations, 478-6372; Citizens’ Party, 834-5123; Coalition of Labor Union Women, 540-1393; Conscientious Objector Awareness Cmte., 457-6148; Dist. 10 Demos., 283-7001; Dist. 12 Demos., 535-7803; 7554; First Friday, 927-0808; IMPACT, 9234806; Mental Health Assn., 335-5405; Mexican-American Demos., 626-8305; NOW, 338-4456; Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, 926-3827; Sierra Club, 244-2328; Tarrant Co. Demo. Womens’ Club, 2616583: Tarrant Co. Precinct Workers’ Club, 429-2706; Tx. Coalition of Black Demos., 534-7737; Tx. Tenants’ Union, 923-5071; Traditional Native American Circle, 9269258; Women’s Political Caucus, 336-8700. HOUSTON ACLU, 524-5925; ACORN, 523-6989; Alliance for Mental Recovery, 723-1843; Americans for Democratic Action, 669-0880; Amnesty Intl., 526-3121; Casa Juan Diego, 869-7376; Centro Para Inmigrantes de Houston, 228-0091; Citizens’ Anti-Nuclear Environmental Coalition, 523-3431; Citizens for Human Development, 529-2149; Common Cause, 774-3923; Demo. Socialists of America 51000; Harris Co. Citizens Party, 468418; Harris Co. Concerned Women, 674-0968; Houston Anti-Draft Coalition, 529-4087; Houston Area Women’s Center, 528-6798; Houston Nonviolent Action, 661-9889; Houston War Tax Resistance, 661-9889; Interfaith Cmte. on Central America, 526 3276; Interfaith Peaceforce of Houston, 6883803; Lesbian and Gay Demos. of Texas, 5211000; Metropolitan Organization, 868-1429; Mothers Without Custody, 880-1950; NAACP, 526-3389; NICASOL \(Nicaraguan Demos., Box 90704, 77290; NOW, 522-6673; Park People, Inc., 741-2524; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 792-5048, or 774-4006; Pueblo to People, 523-1197; Senate Dist. 15 Demos., 862-8431; Sierra Club, 523-3431; Southern Africa Task Force, 528-1225; Tx. 520-0850; Tx. Coalition of Black Demos., 674-0968; Tx. Fathers for Equal Rights, 960 0407; Toxic Substances Task Force, 523 3431; Women’s Lobby Alliance, 521-0439. SAN ANTONIO ACLU, 224-6791; Alternatives to Imprisonment, Box 27393, 78227; Amnesty Intl., 734-8692; Centro Cultural Aztlan, 733 7928; Citizens Concerned About Nuclear Power, 653-0543; Citizens for Self Determination, 224-2932; Civil Rights Litigation Center, 224-6726; Common Cause, 494-5676; Communities Organized for Public Service Box 34474, 78233; Fellowship of Reconciliation, 8229631; Gray Panthers, 680-3679: Habitat for Humanity, 822-9900; Intercongregational Justice and Peace Office, 344-6778; InterUniversity Faculty Network, 436-3107; International Center for Peace Through Culture, 822-0461; Interreligious Task Force on Central America, 432-1125; Latin-American Assistance, 736-9306; Metropolitan Congregational All iance, 349-2401; MexicanAmerican Democrats, 223-1776; NAACP, 224-7636; Padres, 736-1330; Peacemaking Fellowship, 732-9927; People for Peace, 8223089; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 735-8044; Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, 732-9927; Prisoners Defense Committee, Box 27393, 78227; Residents Organized for Better and Beautiful Environmental Development tee for Peace and Disarmament, 736-2587; S.A. Demo. League, 341-7361; S.A. Forum on Energy, 653-0543: S.A. Gay Alliance, Box 12063, 78212; San Antonians for Freedom of Choice, 347 Bushnell, 78212; Sierra Club, 271-7169; S. West Voters’ Registration Education Project, 222-0224; Tx. Fathers for Equal Rights, 337-6803; Trinity University Nuclear Issues Coalition, 737-4309; UNICEF, 828-4528; United Campuses Protesting Nuclear War, 732-2722; Vietnam Vets. Against War, 533-9693; Women’s Political Caucus, 828-3061. 30 JANUARY 11, 1985