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Change, Not Charity The Live Oak Fund supports Texas grassroots organizations working for social change. Since 1981, our grants have assisted the human and civil rights activities of women, blacks, and chicanos; supported the self-determination efforts of the economically dis possessed; helped Viet nam veterans fight for recognition and allevia tion of the health prob lems caused by Agent Orange; and aided envir onment and nuclear dis armament groups. join U s S. Find out how you can support _ local organizing for progressive change. Here is my share. I want to support “change, not charity.” Put my money to work supporting community activism and rebuilding hope here in Texas. I’d like to know more about Live Oak. Enclosed is my check for: $50 $25 $100 $250 C $500 Other $ Your contribution is fully tax deductible. Please make your check payable to Live Oak Fund. Name Address City State Zip Before returning this form, please check appropriate boxes below. The three areas I would like to see Live Oak focus more attention on are: affordable housing low-income community organizing women’s issues worker’s rights minority concerns gay rights environmental issues safe energy disarmament and peace other Live Oak Fund for Change P.O. Box 4601 Austin, TX 78765 20 DECEMBER 14, 1984