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Rutgers University Press, 30 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08903 .4,.!; OPEN MONDAY-SA*11’1:DM 10-6. AND OPEN SUNDAY 104 WATSON & COMPANY BOOKS 604 .72.4190 2600 E. 7th St. Austin, Texas 447-4701 Good books in every field JENKINS PUBLISHING CO. The Pemberton Press John H. Jenkins, Publisher’ Box 2085 \(1 Austin 78768 CONGRESSMAN SAM RAYBURN Anthony Champagne With a Foreword by Carl Albert An indispensable addition to the story of Congressman Sam Rayburn. The late Henry M. Jackson For only $19.95 plus $1.50 shipping you can have your very own copy of this fascinating book. Name Address that showed during the convention. But the September 11 version was “new, improved” Reagan video, with footage added from his acceptance speech at the convention. “There are so many things that remain to be done,” he says ominously. “I’d have felt like a quitter [and we know he’s not a quitter] if I’d just walked away from getting federal spending under control once and for all.” Cheers. Camera pans to well-fed people. Close-cropped Young Americans For Freedom. People with gold. People in polyester. Smug people. Prosperous Black Americans. The crowd chants, “Four more years! Four more Years!” As he speaks, piano music slowly drifts in. It is Ray Charles, playing “America the Beautiful.” As Reagan finishes and Charles plays, the scene switches to reflect the music. Watching those Amber Waves of Grain and Purple Mountains \(how do they do is doing something for the country. That’s the power of Hollywood. That’s acting. The music ends. Ray Charles hugs Nancy. It’s a little like Sammy Davis hugging Nixon, but more dignified. Below, wild applause erupts from the assembled bankers and accountants. Music comes up “Proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free . . . I’ll gladly stand up! \(cymbal aerial shot of the today ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God Bless \(cut to Reagan, hands clenched in victory above beamAYYYY ” \(The message is pretty clear here, right folks? Reagan is not just “the presidency.” He is America. Being against this administration is unAmeriFade to black. The words come up. “President Reagan.” Then, “Leadership That’s Working.” \(Much Well, that’s the video, a propaganda tour de force. It really shows what you can do if you have enough money. And after all isn’t that what America’s all about? Standing tall, Mister President! CI complete personal and business insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY 808-A East 46th . P.O. Box 4666, Austin 78765 Help Texas sprout signs everywhere ! ** * MONDALE Order SIGNS and FERRARO BUMPERSTRIPS _, vor 7/6:t Itepla At *eta wid4 A T SIGNS are approximately U.S. SEN111 iiii,x11114 inches Mondale-Ferraro Signs * printed in Red & Blue Mondale-Ferraro Bumperstrips on this same stock. Doggett Signs ,C 14#4 Doggett Bumperstrips 40 f46 TOTAL PIECES WANTED 54014P14\(4 FERRARO / 1 ,::ONDALE* 41’ I,I_ NI < RAI 4/ / . St 1. TOTAL TOTAL PIECES COST* 100 $ 25.00 200 37.00 300 48.00 400 58.00 500 67.00 1,000 107.00 2,000 177.00 3,000 246.00 4,000 314.00 5,000 380.00 10,000 700.00 BUMPERSTRIPS are approximately 3 1/2x11 Y2 printed Red & Blue on White Outdoor Stock. Mail Your Order with Check payable to: .'' :FUTURA PRESS, INC. P. 0. Box 3485 Austin, Texas 78764 or Call 512/442-7836 Weekdays 9 to 12 1 to 4:30 "Sales tax and shipping costs included. PRODUCTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED BY THE CANDIDATES 20 OCTOBER 26, 1984