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t4v NSA.VMV 0k .0 0 0 _c 0.. 44i1 6V\\ aj : ‘. ….. 4 \\. *4MU*;1’,Yav THE TEXAS OBSERVER 39 and, in fact, since many disagree with a number of Republican social policies, do not seem that important. Although they may feel the Republicans will be stronger than the Democrats on defense issues, they don’t necessarily feel like Reagan is more likely to keep the United States out of war. Their choices, then, seem based primarily on past dissatisfactions with the Democratic party, a lack of enthusiasm for Mondale, and the desire to maintain things as they are. I think it’s a matter of, better the devil you do know than the devil you don’t know. . . . I’ve seen how Reagan performs. . . . My daughter, my first child, was born during the Iranian hostage crisis, and my son was born last December. In her case, we didn’t have a feeling that everything was all right and everything was gonna be all right. That child has a passport from when she was three months old, not to go on vacation, but just in case you gotta pack up and get out, you gotta have your papers in order. . . . The laws of entropy are that if left to themselves, things wilt get worse, and I think that at the moment they seem not to be left to themselves. Nancy Ferguson I’m the kind of person who is basically afraid of change . . . I’m not particu larly afraid that Mondale is going to make any sweeping changes, because I don’t see him as capable of that .. . I’m comfortable with the status quo. Things have gone all right for me under Ronald Reagan. Lynn Cook