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TEXAS RIGHT TO LIFE PO Box 806 Austin, Texas 78767 Please keep me informed and add me to your mailing list l want to make a contribution to Texas Right to Life Here is my check in the amount of S Name Address City. State Zip Telephone Paid Advertisement ABORTION? THE QUESTION IS NOT WHEN LIFE BEGINS, BUT HOW IT ENDS. Six weeks after conception, a baby in the womb has a heartbeat. After just eight weeks, all limbs and organs are already recognizable. In just ten weeks, the baby can even make faces. And after only twelve weeks, its eyes are fully formed. And the baby can be aborted on demand. Is this a description of lifeless material without form, or the description of a growing, living, human being? People talk about choice. Every woman does have a choice, in fact, many choices available to her. But once conception has taken place, biologically she has already become a mother. At that point her rights become limited, as everyone’s rights are limited, by the existence of another human being . and their rights. A human being with limbs, organs, and even a heartbeat. HAVING A BABY IS SOMETHING PERSONAL. PROTECT A PERSON’S RIGHT TO LIFE. 30 OCTOBER 12, 1984