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You Are What You Read Do you ever find yourself straining to hear a progressive voice in Texas? Well, you’re not alone. That’s why thousands of readers from all over Texas turn twice a month to the Texas Observer. They rely on the Observer to keep them abreast of the strategies and players in Texas politics who’s doing what for whom and who’s reaping the profits. The Observer examines the culture of the state and not the state of the cultured. In recent issues, for example, subscribers were treated to articles such as: The Mechanics of Victory State Agriculture Commissioner \(and former Observer he won. Ever a Bridegroom: Reflec tions on the Failure of Texas Literature Is it true that Texans, known the world over for being big liars, still can’t lie well enough to write in teresting novels? New Politics in Texas An organization of citizens in San An tonio is taking on complex issues and en trenched power structures and win ning. Tracking the Chemical Lobby The Washington Post calls us “the scourge of a state legislature that has more often than not acted with cavalier disregard for the citizenry,” and no report on the Texas Legislature is complete without a serious look at the influence of the lobbying groups. Dan Hubig Pacific News Service The Observer also has covered high tech and the job crunch, the dangers of home pesticides, the fight to preserve the wilderness, and the history behind the Mobile-Mattox-Manges controversy. And for many Texas writers, the Observer is a place to publish pieces that are “too controversial” or not fashionable enough for other publications. For the past thirty years, the Observer has been the progressive voice of Texas. Why not listen in? I MMI Okay, send me the magazine the New York Review of Books calls “that outpost of reason in the Southwest” at the special 1-year rate for new subscribers: 25 issues for only $17. That’s $6 less than the regular rate and a savings of 35% compared to the single copy price. I understand that if, after a few issues, I’m not glad I subscribed you will refund my $17 or cancel my bill. price includes 83C sales lax name address city. state. zip my check is enclosed please bill me new subscribers only .._._.a THE TEXAS OBSERVER 25