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ESE , E., ‘AZ% % k>. ‘:%.2,4% -4:”44′”.1.% ..04.”;4-4k , , \\ <..%' vtc nr .4 whose campaign was not able to afford monetary contributions gave those candidates issue papers urging them to think creatively about ways to meet the problems of governing our country through the 1980s. I had the opportunity to watch Gary Hart in action in a number of private forums during the paSt three years. Soon after the 1980 election, when many in the Democratic Party were discouraged about our future prospects, he suggested that we establish a monthly discussion group to consider the path the Democratic Party should follow in the years ahead. We asked some of our youngest and brightest House and Senate colleagues to join us, and we brought in a variety of experts from many fields economists, political scientists, energy experts, foreign policy advisors from past administrations. During those monthly seminars, we were exposed to a myriad of opinions and suggestions on policy positions we in the Democratic Party should consider in the years to come. From these meetings came many new and innovative legislative proposals that are being considered in the Congress today. But the aspect of those meetings that impressed me the most was that Gary Hart often knew more about the subject matter at hand than did the so-called experts. He was obviously the bestprepared member of our group, and he would pick the brains of our guests in an effort to come to a complete understanding of whatever subject was before us. It is this type of intellectual curiosity and drive that will make Gary Hart an outstanding President. He, more than any other candidate in the race, is able to articulate a vision for the future of our country. He best represents the future of the Democratic Party. And I sincerely believe that Gary Hart is the best this country has to offer to lead us through the challenges of the rest of this decade and the beginning of the next. El Mondale for President 707-B West Avenue Austin, Texas 78701 10, Hart for President 4111 North Central Expressway Dallas, Texas 75204 Jackson , for President 3333 Fannin Suite 202 Houston, Texas 77004 8 APRIL 20, 1984