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A Public Service Message from the American Income Life Insurance Co.Waco, TexasBernard Rapoport, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer -tier views ortect tNi, politics, sex,anciteligioll ha the most notorious wo in America. Th e first womani America to speak n out publicly against slavery and in.equality, army Wright \(119518Z fortune and reputation in. her doomed quest to r ealize the ideals of the oun.cing Fathers. ” At a time when wom en’s place was M the home, anny Wright traveled the continehersd lf to great o ceans, a pprenticed liberal thinkers, and sought to mplement her own. solutions i to slavery, sexual repression., and religious fanaticism. An extraordinary woman lives in the pages of this bookl.” Gloria Ste ” A strong and vivid book about a remarkable figure in the history of American radicalism” itving1–lowe 31 half tones $22.50 Rebel -i Ce ll a 1-karvard University Press , Cambridge, MA02138 Photo courtesy National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian knstitution, Washington D.0 . is atat American Income Life Insurance Company commends to Texas Observer readers FANNY WRIGHT by Celia Morris about it: “The political destruction of Fanny Wright reveals many of the forces in American society that worked to keep women dependent. Celia Eckhardt’s splendid biography is necessary reading for those who want to understand why the fight for women’s rights has been so difficult.” Watch your local newspaper for information about book-signing parties in your area. 18 APRIL 6, 1984