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4.% tsDi.ok “C..vsv r . . ssive Organization s ryer has built up lists of organiza we regard as progressive. The s communications recommending #46’s for Mclusion. We will generally the listings for ,.Austin an\(lArqpoc1.Te e issue,..fpllo .by Dallas; -F tonio In the nee. 9C446 , Feb. 1, 1960: Civil Rights sit-ins began at lunch counters, Greensboro, North Carolina. Feb. 12, 1817: Frederick Douglass born. Feb. 21, 1965: Malcolm X assassinated, New York City. Feb. 23, 1868: W. E. B. Dubois born. kx $ *1 0.0;4:0:42o,Te N,RIVAMO”'”‘ R.g ” . 4 $ tt ,<. 11! \\'t i 0.0: e 'so;.eo k. ke $ and , 20515. HEALTH CARE EVENTS Citizens can voice concerns, present ideas, or ask questions about health care at a public hearing of the Task Force on Indigent Health Care. February 23, Huston-Tillotson College. King-Seabrook Chapel, Austin2-7 p 11'. ; es NE entral America Resott, volunteers to read and trials in the Central America Infortna,tt ._. Bank, a computer-indexed special nsisting of current information on t*.. region found in newsclippings, journals, and government, church, and ustin,, for times of orientation sessions. n ay 27 8; n Central America, *VW: T, 923-4806; Mental H 35-5405; Mexican-American 8305; NOW, 338-4456; Nucl Freeze Campaign, 926-3827: 923-9718; Tarrant Co. Demo. Wei Club, 261-6583; Tarrant Co. Precinct ers' Club, 429-2706; Tx. Coalition at Demos., 534-7737: Tx. Tenants' Union, 9235071; Traditional Native American Circle, 926-9258: Women's Political Caucus, 33620 FEBRUARY 10, 1984