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LEGISLATIVE ALERT 0 SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR KmKtgeNks;v 4ke , 9 41,g ta ibrary, tng one of in the ssions. :11.ation s ,v. Chapter est -Itint Dr, Progressive Organizations The Observer is now tilling orders for its mailing list of progressive organizations. The list is available for a $5 processing fee to any group deemed progressive in purpose. Please send us the name. address, and phone number of any group we’ve omitted. The Observer especially thanks those friends who helped with the updating task. : 8. eat o r and oventber 5 So Resource Cents; a.m.-5 p.m.. $1 f1 re \\ information and to register 6962. NUCLEAR SECI.iRITY:. Physicians for Social Respites nsor a tali\( on The Myth 0 -qty, ;;’Why Do We Believe It’ f ist Judith Lipton, M.D.,> e e effects of the threat of nuclear: on children, November 7, ast. Campus Lecture Hall, Sid Rini 4g. 8273 for details. DEPRESSION ExHIBrr A show of mid-1930’s photographs by !:1Walker Evans, which dramatize the plight `the rural poor in the United States, will continue at the San Antonio Museum of Art, Photography Galle,ry. 200 W. Jones .: Avenue, through November. ILITARY ARGUMENTS AGAINST NUCLEAR WEAPONS Physicians for Social Responsibility, the ..Departments of Sociology and Political Science at Trinity University, and the United Campuses Against Nuclear War will co-sponsor a talk by Major General W. T. Fairbourn, Ret., U.S.M.0 former ategic planner for f the Joint Chiefs o fl, who will give the military argument :14aknst nuclear weapons and warfare. th Lipton. M.D.. will also speak on the psychological consequences of the nuclear arms race, November 8, Trinity University, Laurie Auditorium. San AntoGerety. for details. NATIONAL ISSUES FORUM There will be an Austin meeting in midNovember to prepare for the National In November the House and Senate are scheduled to consider the Defense Appropriations Bill for 1984. Important votes are expected on the MX Missile, Pershing II and Cruise missiles, chemical weapons production, and the nuclear freeze resolution. Organizations of lawyers, physicians, churches, environmentalists, and others are calling for concerned citizens to write, call, send telegrams, or arrange meetings with their representatives and senators to urge them to oppose production and funding for these weapons. WATER EXHIBIT A public Water Exhibit” of Houston s water problems scaled down to size with models of the Watershed. Buffalo Bayou Beautification Project, Houston Ship Channel Clean-up, and Wetlands Wildlife Protection Exhibit will be presented for viewing by the River Oaks Garden Club, November 9-10, Garden Club Forum Building, 2503 NVestheimer, Houston. Call 522-0916 for times. GRIDIRON SHOW The Sixth Annual Gridiron Show, a journalists’ spoof on politicians to raise money for the Stuart Long Memorial Scholarships and the Dewitt C. Reddick First. Amendment Fund. will be November 12, Paramount Theatre. Austin, 8 p. m. $9 admission. For more information contact Glenn Smith. Houston Chronicle AUSTIN ACLU, 447-5849; ACORN, 442-8321; Box 7279, 78712; Amn. Friends Service Cmte., 474-2399; Amnesty Intl., Box 4951, 78765; Anti-Hunger;,.. 474-9921; Assoc. for 476-7044 Audubon Scty., 472-4523: Audubon Se 327-1943; Aus. Lesbian-G Caucus, 474 -2717: Aus, Nghbrhood’ 454-0963: Aus. Peace and ,Justice Co; 474-5877: Aus. Tenants Ccl., 474-1961; us., Women’s Alcohol Resource and Educatio0 Centr., 472-3775; Aus. Women’s P01 Caucus, 474-1798; Aus. Writers’ Lea 444-9379; Austinites for I -ublicfranspoet .p., Lion, 454-9060; Black AusDemos., 478-65* %4. Blackland Ng,hbrhood Ass., 474-12′ k,7 ;:, Brthrhnod of Viet Vets., 892 -4220; Center for Battered Women, 472.-HURT; Central America Resource Center, 476-9841; Central Aus. Demos., 477-6587: Central Tx. Lignite Watch, 479-0678: Citizens Patty, 459-1022; United for Rehab. of Erran010.4 _, 4762; Cmte. in Solidarity People of El Salvador, 477-4728: Comthori Cause, 4742374; 458-2472; Ecology Action, 478-1645; El Central Chicano, 472-9832; Grandparents for Nuclear Disarmament Action, 453-1727; Gray Panthers, 458-3738; INIPACT, 3903: In These 471.: 3281: Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear Arms 476-5121; League of Women Voters, 451-6710: Leona*ri Peltier Support Group, 472-4142; Live 4$1z. Fund for Change, 476-5714; Lone Stat4Wance, 472-3998; LUCtIA, 477-5770; LL1W, 4776511, ext. 2859; Max’s Pot, 928-41t6 -, Amu. Demos., 473-9444: Music UnihreBa, 476-1324; Nat’l Lawyers’ Guild, 472-6270; NOW, 452-7276: Nuclear Weapons yreee Campaign, 476-3294: Nurses’ Env!’ Health Watch, 472-1980 Oeave Organizing Cmte. for a Nat’l. Writers .1.1 P.O. Box 4184. 78765; Christi, 258-3942; People for the Ame Way, 472-7007; Phogg Foundatim*, 13549, 78711; Planned Parenthood; 0868; Poverty Education and Research 474-5019; Box 13549; Polerty, Education and Research Center Professionals for Nuclear Arms Limitations. 443-9826; Red Ryder Preservation Soc., 4798548; Save Barton Creek Assn., 451-7739; Sierra Club. 478-1264; Socialist Party, 4523722: Sponsor Coordinator for Refugees, 454-2519; Txns. for Children, 445-0414; Tx. Abortion Rights Action League \(TARALI, 478-0094; Tx. Alliance, 474-5019: Tx. Center for Rural Studies 474-0811; Tx. Cmte. on Natural Resources, 443-8037; Tx. Council on Family Violence, 327-8582; Tx. Death Penalty Action Group, 3104 Dancy, 78722; Tx. Env ironmental Coalition, 476-3961; Tx. ’11z,4 , A k;k4.:0 ai:4 ‘e e. Ve , AND I COT THIS ONE FORSINGLEHAPJDEDLY HOLDING \(WEAN ENTIRE BATTALION OF PEACE LOBBYISTS AT THE BUDGET HEARINGS 28 OCTOBER 28, 1983