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EXAS 1E/RIVER September 30, 1983 A Journal of Free Voices 75C Pho to by Ala n Pog ue Hightower on New Markets and New Politics Austin Catching up with Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower is not the easiest of propositions. According to one associate, Hightower has not had a moment’s rest since the 1982 primary elections. By the time the following Observer interview with the Agriculture Commissioner took place late in the afternoon of September 21, Hightower had already flown from Austin to Fort Stockton to talk about the West Texas drought and from Fort Stockton to Dallas to officiate at a wine-tasting party promoting Texas wines. The interview was conducted in the Texas Department of Agriculture’s plane on the return flight from Dallas to Austin. G.R. What do you, as chairman of the Democratic National Committee ‘s Agriculture Council, see as the purpose for the agriculture forums you’re setting up around the country? We know what the Reagan administration is going to offer in the way of agriculture policy not the details but certainly the principles are clear. Basically what they’re going to be saying is “Get the government out of agriculture,” which will have a nice ring to it but will, of course, completely destroy our family farm and ranch system. The problem has been that the Democrats have had no clear alternative to offer voters. In This Issue: Tribute to A Atomic Poems by Mrs. Randol William ph Veterans Witham Barney