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PROGRESSIVE-OBSERVER FETE The Progressive from Madison and the Texas Observer invite you to a big joint fundraiser to celebrate the glories and dance away the heartaches of the independent press in America. Sat., October 15, 8 p.m.Lmidnight. In the Texas Observer building and adjoining beautiful, vineWest 7th St., Austin. $10 per person for all you can eat and drink and all you can dance to live conjunto music. 0 SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR Notices on upcoming events must reach the Observer at least three weeks in advance. CHILEAN PLAY The Chilean play, “Tres Marias y Una Rosa.” will be performed Sept. 22, Batts Auditorium, UT, Austin, 8 p.m. Sponsored by the Spanish and Portuguese Dept, UT; tickets $1. An exhibit of Chilean tapestries will be on display in the foyer of the auditorium. PUERTO RICAN PENA A Pena celebrating “El Grito de Larez,” Puerto Rican Independence Day, will be at Las Manitas Restaurant, Austin, Sept. 23, 8-11 pm., $2.50, entertainment by Sandra ‘Lebron and others. Proceeds will be used to bring to Austin the documentary film “La Operacion,” which is about sterilization abuse affecting Puerto Rican women in New York. MISSILES WORKSHOP The War Resisters League, Dallas, will have a workshop on the Cruise and Pershing II Euromissiles, Sept. 24. A study series on alternative systems of national defense will begin Sept. 21. Contact WRL, 2710 for time and place. CHAMPAGNE FUNDRAISER The Live Oak Fund for Change, a public foundation supporting progressive grassroots groups:in Texas, will have a gala Champagne Buffet with music and an art auction to raise money for its 1984 grants. The benefit will be held on Sept. 24 at Goldstein’s, 208 King William, San Aninformation and to R.S.V.P. ARMS RACE CONFERENCE There will be a two-day conference in Austin on the Arms Race and Nuclear War, Oct. 7 -8, sponsored by United Campuses to Prevent’Nuclear War. The meetings will feature distinguished MIT physicists, Union of Concerned Scientist speakers, and teachers from UT Dallas and UT Austin. Contact Dr. Carlota Smith, Dept. of Linguistics, UT Austin 78712. RUNS FOR CHOICE The Texas Abortion Rights Action Choice in October to raise money for TARAL. Dates are Oct. 2, Dallas, Bachman Lake; Oct. 16, Houston, Memorial Park; and Oct. 23, Austin, Town Lake Gazebo. For more information call WOMEN’S WEEK Registration is beginning for the Perkins Week, Oct. 13 -15, Dallas. Peace and Justice and Central American issues will be discussed by speakers including Rosalie Bertell and Nora Quiroga Boots. For information, write Helen Bowen, PWS Box, Perkins School of Theology, Dallas 75275. FRITZ ROAST A fundraising roast for Texas environmentalist Ned Fritz will be held Sept. 24, Twin Sixties Inn Ballroom on North Central Expressway, Dallas, 7:30 p.m. Proceeds provide operating expenses for the Texas Committee on Natural Resources. 443-8037 in Austin for details. ARTS FAIR The Leonard Peltier Support Group will have a music, arts, and crafts fair featuring a display and sale of Native American literature on Sept. 25 at The Beach, 29th 472-4142. ENVIRONMENTAL MEET The Citizens’ Environmental Coalition invites the public to attend an open meeting on the problem of the gradual sinking of most of west Houston. The meeting will be held on Sept. 29 at 7:30 p.m. in Bellaire; CHICANA ARTISTS HONORED Women & Their Work is co-publishing a special October issue of Arriba, a monthly magazine of Chicano arts and culture, on Chicana artists. Ideas for articles can be submitted to Arriba, Box 12865, Austin 78711. Copies of the magazine will be distributed nationally to arts organizations and individuals. Progressive Organizations The Observer is now filling orders for its mailing list of progressive organizations. The list is available for a $5 processing fee to any group deemed progressive in purpose. Please send us the name, address, and phone number of any group we’ve omitted. The Observer especially thanks to those friends who helped with the updating task. SAN ANTONIO ACLU, 224-6791; Alternatives to Imprisonment, Box 27393, 78227; Amnesty Intl., 734-8692; Bread for the World, 494-1042; Centro Cultural Aztlan, 733-7928; Citizens Concerned About Nuclear Power, 653-0543; Civil Rights Litigation Center, 224-6726; Common Cause, 494-5676; Communities OrganPartners of Servicemen for Equality \(EXReconciliation, 822-9631; Habitat for Humanity, 822-9900; Inter-University Faculty Network, 436-3107; International Center for Peace Through Culture, 822-0461; Interreligious Task Force on Central America, 432-1125; Latin-American Assistance, 736-9306; Metropolitan Congregational Alliance, 349-2401; Mexican-American Democrats, 223-1776; NAACP, 224-7636; Padres, 736-1330; Pax Christi, 732-2136; Peacemaking Fellowship, 732-9927; People for Peace, 822-3089; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 735-8044; Presbyterian Peace Fellovvship, 732-9927; Proyecto Hospitalidad, for Better and Beautiful Environmental Hoc Committee for Peace and Disarmament, 736-2587; S.A. Demo. League, 341-7361; S.A. Forum on Energy, 653-0543; S.A. Gay Alliance, Box 12063, 78212; San Antonians for Freedom of Choice, 347 Bushnell, 78212; Sierra Club, 271-7169; S.west Voters’ Registration Education Project, 222-0224; Tx. Fathers for Equal Rights, 337-6803; UNICEF, 828-4528; United Campuses Protesting Nuclear War, 732-2722; Vietnam Vets. Against War, 533-9693; Women’s Political Caucus, 828-3061. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21