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NOW YOU CAN PUSH THE BUTTON TOM__PA NUCLEAR WAR. They have their hotline. Now we have ours. Call toll-free and order your Nuclear War Prevention Manual, the detailed guide to nuclear war and everything you can do to stop it. It might just be the most important phone call you ever made. Made possible by the Campaign Against Nuclear War and its affiliated THE NUCLEAR HOTLINE 800-528-6050 EXT.’ 99 Public Media Center N. Tx. Abortion Rights Action League gressive Voters League, 376-1660; Resistance Cmte., 942-4236; Sierra Club, 369-5543; Tx. Tenants Union, 823-2733; UNICEF, 241-7807; War Resisters League, 337-5885; West Dallas Involvement Cmte., 1902 Bickers, 75212. Alan Pogue, whose photographs have enhanced the Observer for over a decade, has won this year’s Dobie-Paisano Award. The annual award provides two artists traditionally writers with a six-month grant, including free board at the prestigious J. Frank Dobie ranch. The project Pogue hopes to complete between August and January is sixty portfolios of Mexican farmworker prints 1,200 prints in all. Well known for his documentation of farmworker life, Pogue currently has fourteen prints in a show running through July at the Laguna Gloria Art Museum. The other award winner this year is Cheryl Cessna, a writer from Cleveland, Texas. IN HER MOTH. ER’S TONGUE Bilingual Updated Edition at Reisegeoack Somme Women Authors wno Live in me U.S. and write m German “Vv. EMERSON PRESS 1136 Emerson Denver, CO 80218 CHEESE t CAKE ON THE RIVERWALK SERVING SANDWICHES TO SEAFOOD, FROM 11:30 UNTIL 11:30 EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK; OPEN TILL MIDNIGHT IN THE METRO CENTER, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Aloe, 4kangaroo one p ho to by Ala n Pog ue The $10 Program We invite organizations and individuals to sell new one-year Observer subscriptions. For each subscription the selling organization or individual will receive $10 commission. Like most publications, the Observer spends almost that obtaining a new subscription by mail. We prefer, however, that the money go to hard-working groups or individuals instead of to the post office and paper companies. Organizations and individuals authorized to sell subscriptions under the program will be provided with forms and sample copies. The only requirement is that individuals who wish to try this must have their own subscription paid up at the regular $20 rate. Commissions on subscriptions to be billed will be paid on receipt of the bill payment. Neither renewals nor subscriptions for a period shorter than a year receive commissions. If you want to take part in this program, contact the Observer at 600 W. 7th St., Austin, Tx. 78701, or phone 512-477-0746. No PAC’s or campaigns, please. Emerson Press presents just in time for the tricentenial celebration of German immigration to the United States: A bilingual anthology, English and German, of works by 29 German and Austrian women, 1938-1983. 395 pages. $11.80. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 31