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9901 FROZEN MARGARITA IRISH COFFEE 9 AM UNTIL MIDNIGHT HOT DOGS HAMBURGERS STEAKS CHICKEN RESTAURANT 511 RIVERWALK ACROSS FROM KANGAROO COURT SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS 225-4098 BLACK FOLK ART IN AMERICA: 1930-1980 The nationally acclaimed exhibition of some 360 works by 20 Black American folk artists continues on view at the Institute for the Arts, Rice Museum, Houston, through May 15. SOLARFEST REGISTRATION Applications are now being accepted for the Second Annual South Texas SolarFest, sponsored by the San Antonio Forum on public education on the use of safe and economical energy in San Antonio. SolarFest, a fund raising event which drew over 5,000 last year, will be held on 40 acres of land near Helotes, May 29. Energy organizations, community groups, artists, craftspeople, and food vendors are invited 653-0543. PROGRESSIVE ORGANIZATIONS The Observer has built up a list of progressive organizations in Texas. This list is now being updated, and we will resume publishing it when the updating is complete. We ask that all groups on the present list send us their current mailing address and phone number. We also plan to compile a mailing list with this information. We will send this list to any organization deemed progressive in purpose, in exchange for a $5 fee to cover our time, copying, and mailing cost. We will respect the wish of any group who requests that information about it not be given out. PLAIN FACTS ABOUT SIMPLE FUNERALS Isn’t it time we started to stress the spiritual aspects of funerals rather than the material? Many people spend more on funerals than the deceased would wish because they do not realize their options or they are afraid of “what people will think.” At Reveley Memorial Services we explain your choices, and let you know we are in agreement with your desire for simplicity. No pressure is brought upon you. Many times all arrangements can be completed at your residence. Reveley Memorial Services offers you the following possibilities: A service at the location of your choice, with or without the casket present Graveside Services in the cemetery of your choice Cremation Donation to medical science Shipping We have a selection of zaskets, including a cremation receptacle, a plain pine coffin, cloth covered woods, or metals. We can travel anywhere, and serve a 100 mile radius of San Antonio at no additional fee. We believe that money lavished on funerals should be spent on your family, your church, or your favorite charity. Discuss this with your family now, while you can. Call us for pre-need planning, or any information you may need. REVELEY MEMORIAL SERVICES 533-8141 San Antonio of San Antonio Simple Funerals Austin/441-7500 Information ANDERSON & COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES AUSTIN, TEXAS 78731 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip -16 PANTEX VIGILS Peace vigils at the Pantex plant outside Amarillo continue every Saturday from 4-5 p.m., sponsored by the Northwest Texas Clergy and Laity Concerned. the legendary RAW DEAL Steaks, Chops, Chicken open lunch and evenings 605 Sabine, Austin No Reservations SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR Notices on upcoming events must reach the Observer at least three weeks in advance. SOUTHEAST TEXAS MUSIC FESTIVAL A campfire with impromptu music, May 6, 7 p.m., at the Big Thicket Museum in Saratoga, Texas, will begin two full days of activities such as fiddling contests, folk and gospel music, and country and western dance at the Southeast Texas Music Festival. The public is invited. `GODS OF METAL’ Austin Pax Christi, a chapter of the national Catholic peace organization, will show the Maryknoll arms race documentary, “Gods of Metal,” May 9, 7:45 p.m., Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Austin. MAGGIE KUHN BACK IN TEXAS Maggie Kuhn, indomitable leader of the National Gray Panthers, will speak about the sweeping social changes of the demographic and technological revolutions, May 11, 8 p.m., Saengerrunde Hall, for details. ARMS RACE CONFERENCE The Austin Conference of Churches and the Austin Peace and Justice Coalition are sponsoring a conference entitled “The Church and the Bomb: Faith in the Nuclear Age,” May 13-14, University United Methodist Church. Speakers include Dr. Robert Drinan, Dr. James Forbes, and Dr. information. 22 MAY 6, 1983