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In the files of TDWR there is evidence of abundant and much cheaper and much safer groundwater in Walker County. The citizens of Huntsville never had an opportunity to vote on the huge increase in water bills used to finance this so-called regional treatment plant. Shame on us, the citizens of Huntsville, for letting this happen. We drink high-priced polluted water; shame on the state of Texas for conniving in this scheme. The ultimate irony will occur when SWEPCO uses ground water in its plant, and the citizens of Huntsville drink contaminated river water. This incident, the “Huntsville Story,” shows clearly the water managers’ priorities. James P. Weber, 1819 Avenue Q, Huntsville, TX 77340. Moral Mathematics In his response \(TO, criticisms of Lamar Hankins, Martha McCabe and Maury Maverick, Jr, of his earlier article on death by injection, Bill Stott says: “There is a basic moral difference between legal and illegal killing.” That is a logically-preposterous position. The death penalty is, if anything, worse than many of the crimes committed by the condemned because it is fully premeditated. It is, in essence, premeditated murder by the state. It is only not viewed as such because the state attempts to surround it with an aura of legitimacy. Capital punishment is “legitimate” only because the state so defines it. It can logically only be supported as such if one accepts the view that because the state has a monopoly of power it has the right to do whatever it wants, as long as it follows established procedure. While it is one thing to say the state has the guns and may, therefore, do whatever it wishes, it is quite another to say that the use of the death penalty is somehow morally right. Two moral wrongs never add up to a right, no matter what mathematical system one employs. I feel no sympathy for those awaiting the needle on Texas Death Row. What I feel is that there is something awry in a society which endorses killing to end killing. Someone, somehow, needs to pull the plug on the crazy machine which keeps us hurtling endlessly toward death and destruction. The Bill Stotts of the world are hopelessly misguided, worry ing about whether one method of dealing death may be preferable to some other. The basic question which must be asked is whether killing is wrong. If the answer to that question is “yes,” then the next question is how do we stop it. We may not ever be able to stop the Charlie Brooks of the world from killing, but we can at least stop ourselves from doing the same. That is what makes the use of the death penalty immoral. Gerald P. Ferguson, 2016 Pearl Street, Austin, TX 78705. Faulty Equation Many points made in Claire Donovan’s letter in Dialogue, “Applause for Schwartz” \(TO, foundly disturbing. I shall deal with only one of them. Her equation of ” . . Hitler is an Arafat is a Begin” is blatantly untrue. Hitler, obsessed with his “master race” theory’, was guilty of genocide. He tried to rid the world of Jews and managed to exterminate 6,000,000 of them. Arafat heads the P.L.O., which is responsible for the rising number of terrorist assaults throughout the world. The P.L.O. moved into Lebanon, terrorized its inhabitants, stored massive amounts of armaments in the middle of its heavily populated civilian areas, and turned Beirut into a headquarters for international terrorism. Israel is led by Begin, who was democratically elected. Israel attacked the P.L.O. for one reason. The P.L.O. had used Lebanon as a base for its incessant strikes on the Israeli residents of the Galilee. After the Christian Phalangist massacre, 400,000 Israelis, in a public demonstration, demanded that Israel begin an investigation, which Israel began soon thereafter. I could never imagine such demonstrations in the streets of Damascus today or on the boulevards of Nazi-occupied Berlin decades ago. We may be distressed by Begin’s territorial policies and militant language. However, to put him in the same category with vicious murderers, like Hitler and Arafat, is dangerously misleading. Bluemel, San Antonio, TX 78240. Personal Service Quality Insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 459-6577 20 JANUARY 28, 1983