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Notices on upcoming events must reach the Observer at least three weeks in advance. HUMAN RIGHTS IN AFRICA Alhaji Yusuff Maitama-Sule, ambassador and permanent representative of Nigeria to the United Nations and chairman of the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid will talk about human rights in Africa. Dec. 10, 8 p.m., Rothko Chapel, for details. STATEWIDE FREEZE MEETING Texas Nuclear Freeze advocates already involved in Freeze work or interested in starting that work in their communities will meet Dec. 12, 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Room 4.118, Texas Union, UT-Austin, to share information, discuss strategies and future plans, and develop a Freeze communication network in Texas. All interested folks from 476-3294 for details. AIM DOCUMENTARY “The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash,” a documentary about one of the leaders of the American Indian Movement, will be shown by the Leonard Peltier Support Group,Dec. 14, at the UT-Austin 4142 for information about the film, or about the Austin group that supports American Indian issues. WAR TAX RESISTANCE The War Resisters’ League will meet in Dallas, Dec. 14, 7:30 p.m., 2710 Woodmere, to hear Ed Hedemann discuss war tax resisENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS A bash celebrating Austin environmental awareness and the release of the Sierra Club produced record album “Texas Oasis” by Bill Oliver, will be at Sangerrunde Hall, Dec. 14, 6-midnight. Records autographed by Oliver will sell for $8. DEMO IN ’84 Activist Leslie Cagan will address a group that plans to express dissent at the 1984 Republican Convention in Dallas. The as-yet-unnamed group will meet Dec. 15, 7:30 p.m., at the MLK Center in Dallas to strategize. Any interested folks are invited 337-5885 for details. HARD TIMES NEWS The first issue of Hard Times News, a monthly newspaper devoted entirely to advocating the cause of the more than 111,200 unemployed in the Dallas area, will appear in early December. Articles in Spanish and English will be about jobs, food stamps, and help agencies of special interest to those who need work. Major distribution points will be unemployment lines. The paper is 500 on the street; free to the unemployed. information. Progressive Organizations The Observer has built up lists of organizations in Texas we regard as progressive. The editor invites communications recommending organizations for inclusion. We will generally run the listings for Austin, San Antonio, and Houston in one issue followed by Dallas, Fort Worth, and Around Texas in the next. DALLAS ACLU, 651-7897; ACORN, 823-4580; American Indian Center, 826-8856; Amns. for Demo. Action, 368-8931; AMIGOS, 339-9461; Amnesty Intl., 361-4690; Armadillo Coalition, 349-1970; Audubon Society, 341-2534; Bois d’Arc Patriots, 827-2632; Bread for the World, Joe Haag, 7411991×298; Brthrhood of Viet Vet., 224-9750; Brown Berets, 337-4135; Citizens’ Assn. for Comm. Health, 363-2979; Ctzns. Party, 6305765; Clean Air Coalition, 387-2785; Comanche Peak Life Force, 337-5885; Cmte. in Solidarity 3715; Dallas Friends Service Group, 321-8643; Dallas Gay Alliance, 528-4233; Dallas UN Assn., 526-1853; Demo. Socialists of America 370-3805; Frederick Douglass Voting Council, 426-1867; Gray Panthers of Dallas-Fort Worth, 227-8332; Ground Zero, 692-3646; Human Ecology Research Foundation, 620-0620; Humanists of North Texas, 387-5559; Lawyers’ Alliance For Nuclear Arms Control, 43 Charles St., Suite 3, Boston, MA, 02114; Love Field Ctzns Action Cmte., 526-8481; Low Income Housing Security Crate., 748-5861; Nghborhood Info. & Action Service, 827-2632; Neighbors United for Quality Ed., 823-6713; N. Tx. Abortion Rights Action Dallas Lake Col. Solar Club, 659-5254; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 688-2699; Progressive Voters League, 372-8168; Resistance Crate., 942-4236; Sierra Club, 369-5543; Save Open 375-5038; S.E. Dal. Nghbrhood Club, 421-7931; Sound Transportation & Rapid Transit trol, 528-3985; Tx. Cmte. on Natural Resources, 352-8370; Tx. Tenants Union, 823-2733; Urban sisters League, 337-5885; W. Dal. Nghbrhood Group, 631-1586. FORT WORTH ACLU, 534-6883; ACORN, 924-1401, Armadillo Coalition, 927-0808; Bread for the 1527; Citizens for Education on Nuclear Arms Regulation, 478-6372; Ctzns. Party, 293-7129; Coalition of Labor Union Women, 469-1202; Dist. 10 Demos., 535-7803; First Friday, 9270808; Ft. W. Task Force on Central Am., 9210419; Ft. W. Tenants’ Ccl., 923-5071; IMPACT, 923-4506; Mental Health Assn., 335-5405; NOW, 336-3943; Precinct Workers Cl., 429-2706; Senatorial Dist. 12 Demos., 457-1560; Sierra Club, 261-1935; Tarrant Cty. Demo Women’s Club, 451-8133, 927-5169; Tx. Coalition of Black cal Caucus, 336-8700. AROUND TEXAS Alta Loma: Brthrhood of Viet. Vet., 925-6405. Amarillo: ACLU, 373-7200; Panhandle Environmental Awareness Cmte., 376-8903; Northwest Tx. Clergy and Laity Concerned, 373-8668. Arlington: United Viet. Vets. Organizatio;n nite watch, 285-4180. Bay City;4: Magtagorda Co. Citizens for Environmental Protection, 244-1458. Bastrop: Central Tx. Lignite Watch, 285-4180. Beaumont: ACLU, 898-0743; Amnesty Intl, Karen Dweyer, 420 Longmeadow, 77707. Brthrhood of Viet Vets, 727-4873. Brownsville: ACLU, 541-4874. Bryan: ACLU, Box 4523, 77805; Brazos Society for Alternatives to Nuclear Energy, 822-1882. College Station: Gay Student Sierra Club, 846-5985. Corpus Christi: American GI Forum, 241-8647; Gulf Coast Conservation Assoc., 991-9690; League of Women Voters, 852-6443; LULAC, 882-8284; NAACP, 883-2931; NOW, 883-4469; Org. for the Preservation of an Club, 883-0586; Tx. Pesticide Abuse Coalition, Caucus, 854-1080; Women’s Shelter. 881-8888. Denton: ACLU, 387-5126. El Paso: ACLU, 5452990; Amnesty Intl, 584-4869. El Paso Peace Coalition, 9524 Bellis Ave., 79925. Fredericksburg: Fredericksburg Peace Alliance, 997-3263. Gainesville: Organizing Cmte. for Nat’l Writers 76240. Lubbock: ACLU, 765-8393; Nat’l Lawyers Guild, 799-2714; NOW, 793-0582; South Plains Alternative Resources Coalition, 762-8950; West Tx. Demos., 792-5720. Midland: Brthrhood of Viet Vets, 684-3768. Tx. women’s Political CaucusPermian Basin, 683-3863. Nacogdoches: Alternative Views, 560-4363; Pineywoods Coalition, 218 W. Austin St. Odessa: Tx. Women’s Political Causus Permian Basin, 332-8112. San Juan: ACLU, 787-8171. San Marcos: Students Against Continued Involvement in El Salvador \(S.W.Tx. Conservation & Preservation Assoc., 471-3119. Temple: Brthrhood of Viet Vets, 773-7987. Texas City: Gulf Coast Council on Foreign Affairs, 938-1211×296/297. Tyler: Inter-Faith Peace Felship, 593-5650 Waco: ACLU, 755-3611; Baylor YD’s, 662-6313; Bread for the World, 772-3135; CURE, 754-2008; 01 Forum, 799-8712; IMPACT, 772-7006, League of Women Vtrs., 776-5432; LULAC, 776-0438; NOW, 752-5975. SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR THE TEXAS OBSERVER 25