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Printers Stationers Mailers Typesetters High Speed Web Offset Publication Press Counseling Designing Copy Writing Editing Trade Computer Sales and Services Complete Computer Data Processing Services icFUTURA PRESS AUSTIN TEXAS FUTILIRA 512/442-7836 1714 South Congress P.O. Box 3485 Austin, Texas 78764 water sewage lines and highways.m Texas has a variety of options. The West Texas farmers could return to dryland farming, for example. “Some years the dryland farmers make more than the irrigated farmers do,” Wyatt admitted, “Under irrigation, in a sense, you insure a high yield every year. Under dryland, on a 20-year period you’ll probably have equal yields on five of the 20 years. There’ll be maybe 60% for 12 or 14 years. And then on about two of those 20 years you’ll have a total wipe-out. And on those other two you’ll have so near a wipe-out you’ll think you’ve been wiped out. Even if we just took and removed all the irrigation from the High Plains, we’d still be a high productive agricultural area. ” 5 Texas could regulate development in areas or try to get water to those areas; this could probably only be done by importation. “I think we’re going to have to bail out some of the West Texans, but I’ll be goddammed if I’m going to pay one cent for a West Texas farmer,” declared Stuart Henry, “I’m not going to pay my tax dollars to subsidize irrigation.”” The question is not just a West Texas shortage. Texas has a water problem, or at least a potential water problem, and any solution must pass the state legislature and the voters. The monied water interests of Water, Inc., have the perseverance. They came back time and time again for importation and they can afford to keep coming back. There is a lot of money to be made on the importation ditch: about $15-30 billion at last estimates. And the Sierra Club will still be on the defensive. They have a vision about water development and the environment, but most of the state legislators don’t seem to share that vision. Endnotes ‘See report by Amy Johnson, Statistics Division, State Comptroller’s Office, Austin, Texas. Summer, 1981. ‘Ibid. 3Ibid. 4Kaye Northcott, “A Primer on Water,” Texas Observer. July 26, 1974. 8Report, Johnson. 8Northcott. 7Statement by Charles Nemir, Deputy Director, Texas Department of Water Resources, personal inteview, Austin, Texas, September 29, 1981. 8/bid. 8Statement by Steve Reynolds, State Engineer, New Mexico, phone interview, September, 1981. “Albert E. Utton and Ludwik Teclaff, eds., Water in a Developing World: The Management of a Critical Resource 78. “”Fact Sheet on the Economy of the Texas High Plains,” \(Austin: Texas Department of Water Re12/bid . “Statement by official with Colorado Department of Agriculture, phone inteview, September, 1981. “Statement by James Mitchell, farmer, personal interview, Lubbock, Texas, September 25, 1981. “Statement by Wayne Wyatt, Executive Director, Water Conservation No. 1, personal interview, Lubbock, Texas, September 24, 1981. “Statement by Stuart Henry, lobbyist, Sierra Club, personal interview, Austin, Texas, October 3, 1981. “Statement by Wyatt. “Statement by Mitchell. 18/bid. 21″Fact Sheet on the Economy of the Texas High Plains.” 22Statement by Duncan Ellison, Executive Director, Water, Inc., personal interview, Lubbock, Texas, September 25, 1981. 23Statement by Reynolds. “Statement by Wyatt. 25 Statement by Colorado official. 26″Texas Water Facts,” \(Austin: Texas Department of Water Resources, 3rd printing, February, 27Northcott. “Statement by Colorado official. 25 Statement by Henry. “Statement by Herb Grubb, Director of Development, Texas Department of Water Resources, personal interview, Austin, Texas, September 29, 1981. 31 lb id. 32Statement by Wyatt. 23Texas, HB 8, 1981 special session, pp. 3-4. 34 Stuart Henry, “Guest Editorial,” Lone Star Sier ran “Statement by Wyatt. “Statement by Ellison. 37Statement by Wyatt. “Statement by Grubb. 30 The Cross Section \(Lubbock: Water Conserva4 Amy Johnson, “Clayton’s Water Plan” \(article for the Texas Observer, unpublished, October, 41Statement by Henry. 42 State me n t by Lloyd Doggett, Austin State Senator, phone interview. April 14, 1982. 43 1 98 1 Constitutional Aendment Election: Voter Turnout and Voting Patterns. Executive Summary, \(David A. Dean Secretary of State, by Robert A. 44By Worth Wren, Jr. “Texas water projects need funding decisions,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 26, 1982. “Michelle Scott. “Panel won’t drop idea to import water,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, March 4, 1982. “Ed Asher. “Clements Pushes for New State Water Plan,” Valley Morning Star, February 26, 1982. 47Statement by Doggett. 48Ibid. 49″ Arizona’s example,” Houston Post, December 15, 1981. “Robert E. Kasperson and X. Jeanne. Water Re-Use and the Cities \(Hanover, New Hampshire: 51The Cross Section, p. 3. “Statement by Wyatt. “Statement by Henry. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13