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The Live Oak F A Texas Public The Live Oak Fund supports Texas grassroots organizations working for social change. Since 1981, our grants have assisted the human and civil rights activities of women, blacks, and chica nos; supported the self determination efforts of the economically dispossessed; helped Vietnam veterans fight for recognition and alleviation of the health problems caused by Agent Orange; and aided environ mental and nuclear dis armament groups. p ho to by Wen dy Wa tr iss 1981 Veterans’ Day ceremony in Austin honoring Vietnam vets and publicizing problem of Agent Orange. We invite you to join our efforts. We are Texas’ only public foundation promoting social change. The grants we have given so far are only a small part of what might be done on a larger scale with your support. Our grantees are selected through proposal review by a Funding Council of community representatives from across Texas. This funding process assures the greatest social investment return on your dollar. Since current financial commitments cover all administrative expenses, all of your tax-deductible donations will be disbursed in grants to community organizations. Your dollars will make a difference. Join us.