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Parisian Charm. Omelette & Champagne Breakfast. Beautiful Crepes. Afternoon Cocktails. Gallant Waiters. Delicious Quiche. Evening Romance. Continental Steaks-. Mysterious Women. Famous Pastries. Cognac & Midnight Rendezvous. In short, it’s about everything a great European style restaurant is all about. pA n ov . Cafe 310 East 6th St. Austin, Texas GVVIlats Congratulations Texas Democrats!!! from Chuck Caldwell’s II 41 T . . . and now when ya’ll come to Washington D.C. to continue the campaign we hope and trust you’ll make the St. Charles Hotel your headquarters and base of operations. We’re an Art-Deco style hotel with suite-sized rooms, kitchenettes and refrigerators and at a price that can’t be beat in D.C. And, significant for your purposes, the St. Charles Hotel is located right in the heart of the government-in-exile. We’re only 4 blocks from the Democratic National Committee Offices, 2 blocks from the National Women’s Democratic Club, 8 blocks from AFL-CIO Headquarters, 4 blocks from the Brookings Institution, and 2 1/2 blocks from the Institute for Policy Studies . . . and the Dupont ‘Circle Metro stop is only 3 blocks away, providing rapid access to the entire city. So come on up and visit awhile. CALL TOLL FREE 800-424-2463 PIUnder President Carter, arms sales to Guatemala were banned because of massive human rights violations. The State Department is now looking into ways to lend weapons to the junta in order to get around the weapons ban. The State Department, which says it’s getting reports of an improved human rights situation in Guatemala, wants the Treasury Department to OK an $18 million loan as part of a $30 million rural telephone project. The fact that such a project will only facilitate the army’s communication and, by extension, the increased slaughter of innocent people, isn’t going to deter the State Department. An analysis of the 1981 tax year recently completed by the State Property taxes totaling over $5.75 billion were levied in Texas by approximatey 250 local taxing units. Analyzed on a per capita basis, the SPTB’s report showed that 1981 property taxes totaled $335.08 per person. When adjusted to a base year of 1970 for changes in the consumer price index, however, the real property tax levy for 1981 was $143.06, compared to a real levy of $129.71 in 1970. In the 18 months since the Republican takeover of the Senate in the 1980 elections and Sen. John Tower’s election to chair the Senate Armed Services Committee, Tower and his political action committee have collected more than $50,000 from defense-oriented corporations. Texas Instruments, Martin Marietta, Bendix, General Dynamics, Bell Helicopter, LTV, and Grumman are all big contributors. One contributor told Mark Thompson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that “Tower’s people are looking for about $10 million for his race, and in order to get that much money you’ve got to start three or four years in advance.” A ruling in late October from Federal Judge Albert 0. Woodward upheld Abilene’s at-large election system against the challenge of a class action lawsuit that claimed the system discriminates against minority voters. The ruling came in spite of a directive from the 5th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans telling Woodward to retry a Lubbock case involving the same issue and a similar decision. Judge Woodward’s decision in the Abilene case is being appealed. Democrats may make a lot of noise about Republicans purchasing elections with PAC contributions, but when it comes down to hard figures, the Republicans come out second best in the contest for PAC money. Common Cause figures show that while Republicans got $5,535,731 from business PACs and $265,257 from the labor PACs, Democrats pulled in $2,761,966 from business PACs and $3,416,736 from labor, giving them a $377,714 edge. In Texas, where big money from any source talks, the governor’s race showed a similar financial relationship. While Governor Clements earned $9.3 million in contributions to White’s $2.6 million, the average per person contribution was $267 to $538 for White. vs’ Agriculture Commissioner-elect Jim Hightower is gearing up an intense lobbying program in order to get a moratorium of FHA farm foreclosures slated to begin in the lameduck session. He’s also developing an office to monitor federal farm legislation, for the benefit of both farmers and migrant farm workers, with special emphasis on pushing for the extension of workers’ compensation to farm workers. The October 29 issue of the Ob server included a letter from U.S. Representative Bill Archer cor recting my statement \(TO, that he accepted a contribution from a medical political action committee. Mr. Archer said that he had not taken such a contribu tion. He is right, and I was wrong. My information came from an er roneous Public Citizen report. I apologize to Mr. Archer and to the Observer readers for my mistake. Nina Butts 12 NOVEMBER 26, 1982