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Falls told McNeely he didn’t expect that kind of pressure to be exerted. He said if Clements is careful to go through the process of clearing his appointments with members of the incoming 1983 Senate, “I don’t see a massive political change because of the nature of the people that generally get appointed.” Farabee said that appointees are generally from business circles, and their political affiliation is less important that their local influence. Appointing Regents Some of the more egregious lame-duck appointments over the years have been to university boards of regents. Sens. Lloyd Doggett and Kent Caperton would like to change that and have prefiled legislation that sets the terms for members of the boards of regents to expire on Feb. 1 of odd-numbered years. “This allows the governor-elect to carry forth the mandate delivered by the citizens of Texas,” Doggett said. “The bill prevents lame-duck governors from making midnight appointments to these important posts before the incoming governor can take the oath of office, and ensures that the regent appointees get reviewed by the Senate before starting to serve.” In 1981 an almost identical measure proval of both the Senate and the House during the 67th legislature, but was later vetoed by Gov. Clements. The only change in the new bill is the addition of the Texas State University System regents. Sen. Bill 4 would limit regents to staggeed six-year terms beginning on Feb. 1 of odd-numbered years, which would extend by less than a month the length of service of those regents whose terms of office expire in Jan., 1983. “The introduction of this measure again is no reflection on Gov. Clements,” Doggett insisted, “but simply a reflection of the principle that the incoming governor ought to make these appointments.” Doggett, who is chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs, also wants to make it easier for Mark White to appoint his housewife to the PUC. He has filed legislation that would enlarge the commission from three to six members. His proposal would also require that PUC members be elected from single-member districts. J. H. Available Appointments Board or Commission Aeronautics Commission, Texas A&M University System, Bd. of Regents of Tx. Angelina and Neches River Auth., Bd. of Dir. Arts, Tx. Commission on the Blind, Governing Bd. of the Tx. School Blind, State Com. for the \(2 pub. Colorado River Authority, Central Colorado River Authority, Lower Colorado River Authority, Upper Community Affairs, Adv. Council on Concho River Water and Soil Conservation Auth., Lower Development Disabilities, Tx. Plan. Coun. Dist. Review Committees Drug Abuse Adv. Council, St. East Tx. St. Univ., Bd. of Regents Employee Ret. System of Tx., Bd. Trustees Employment Commission, Tx. Engineers, State Bd. of Registration Family Practice Res. Adv. Com . Film Corn. Adv. Coun., Tx. Firemen’s Pension Comm. Galveston & Tx. City, Pilot Commissioner for the Port Guadalupe River Auth., Upper Historical Commission, Texas Humanities, Texas Committee for the Intergovernmental Relations, Tx. Judicial Council, Texas \(1 Justice, Ct. of Appeals Juv. Justice & Delin. Prevention Adv. Bd. Lavaca County Flood Control, Dist. 3 Law Enforcement Officer Standards & Edu., Comm., on Legal Services Corporation, Tx. Adv. Council of the Metric System Adv. Council Mining Council, Texas Municipal Retirement System Bd. of Trustees No. of Date Board or Commission Openings Expires Neches River Mun. Water Auth., Upper 1 1-01-83 North Tx. State Univ. Bd. Regents 2 5-22-81 Nueces River Auth., Bd. Dir. 1 2-01-79 Nurse Examiners, St. Bd. of 1 new position Pension Review Bd. State \(active 1 resignation Pest Control Bd., Tx. Structural 3 8-30-82 Phys. Fitness, Gov. Corn. on 1 6-1341 Plumbing Examiners, State 2 new positions Podiatry Examiners, Tx. 2 new positions 1 new position Red River Auth. of Tx., Bd. Dir. 2 8-11-82 Ret. System, Bd. of Trusy of the Tx. County and Dist. 1 12-31-81 Runnels Conty. Water Auth., Bd. Dir. 3 1-01-83 Sabine Bar, Pass and Trib. Pilot Commission for the 1 resigned Sesquicentennial Museum Bd., Tx. 2 resignations Teachers’ Prof. Pract. Corn. \(Supv., Supt. 3 8-31-82 Tech-Voc Educ., Adv. Coun. for 1 resigned Texas 2000 Commission 30 Tx. St. Univ. Sys. Bd. Regents 3 1-10-83 Tx. Woman’s Univ. Bd. Regents 3 1-10-83 1 3-15-81 Univ. Tx. Sys., Bd. Regents 3 1-10-83 Veterans Land Board \(well 1 12-29-80 West Tx. State Univ. Bd. Regents 1 resigned Work Furlough Program Advisory Bd., Texas 4 1-31-81 JUDICIAL VACANCIES Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Texas \(resignation of Chief Justice Joe 4th Judicial District, Rusk and Henderson counties \(Judge Paul Colley resig90th District Attorney, Stephens and Yound Counties \(Robert W. Hendrick New Courts effective January 1, 1983 332nd, Hidalgo County \(civil and crimi5th Court of Appeals, Dallas County No. of Date Openings Expires 2 12-31-82 3 1-10-83 1 9-05-81 1 8-31-81 1 resignation 3 1-01-83 3 1-01-83 4 1-01-83 3 1-01-83 3 2, 1-31-81 1, 1-31-82 3 1-01-83 5 resigned 2 1-15-82 1 resigned 6 4-12-82 resigned 1 8-31-82 1 11-21-82 3 new positions 1 8-29-82 30 7-25-81 1 7-01-79 1 resigned 3 11-01-82 7 1-01-83 1 resignation 1 12-31-81 1 9-01-81 2 1-01-83 33 2 1-01-83 1 8-30-81 2 4-13-81 2 8-29-81 resigned 3 2, 12-31-82 1 resigned 4 NOVEMBER 26, 1982