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TEXAS 13 ERVER August 20, 1982 A Journal of Free Voices 75 1981 Bo b Co le Report from Amarillo HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? By Joe Holley n this year’s 37th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the Amarillo Daily News reports that unem ployment in July reached 9.8% nationwide ings and loan will close because of “insuf ficient savings activity”; that two area plant closings will leave approximately 262 people jobless. Also on this day, as on every day, at least three more nuclear de vices are being assembled at the Pantex Nuclear Weapons Facility 17 miles northeast of Amarillo. With 2,500 workers and a $90 million annual budget, Pantex, the final assembly plant for all of this coun try’s nuclear bombs, is the largest indus trial employer in the Panhandle.