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0 SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR HIROSHIMA-NAGASAKI COMMEMORATION Several events are planned in Austin and Houston during the weekend of August 6-9 to commemorate the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In Houston, an ad hoc coalition of peace activists wil hold a service on August 6 at the Rothko chapel, 3900 Yupon, 7:30-9 p.m. Al Rally for our Future is planned at Miller Theater in Hermann :4*-01c, August 8. 3-8 p.m., with jazz, fold music, and speakers. In Austin, the Lutheran Peace Fellowship will sponsor lectures by its national coordinator, Pastor John Backe, and by Sojourners editor Jim Wallis on August 8 and 9. Call Gethesemane Lutheran Church, 512-836-8560. Also in Austin, the Texas Mobilizalm for Survival will hold an ecumeni”cal service August 6 at the Zen Garden. Zilker Park, 7:30 a.m. The Mobe will be joined by Montopolis Neighborhood Association on August 7 for a demonstration at Bergstrom Air Force Base to , protest expansion of the base and Reagan’s military budget. On August 9 the Mobe celebrates its fifth birthday with a benefit at Liberty Lunch at 8 p.m. PANTEX HEARINGS On August 7 and 8, the Pantex nuclear weapons assembly plant near Amarillo will be the focus of Citizens’ Hearings on Nuclear Weapons Facilities, sponsored by northwest Texas Clergy and Laity, Concerned mental Awareness Committee held at Amarillo College, will combine expert and citizen testimony on the economic, moral, and medical impact of nuclear weapons facilities. CALC also needs participants for a phone tree for this and other special events. Call Steven Schroeder at 806-373-8668. WOMEN FILMAKERS SERIES A series of recent films by European women directors is being presented t the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Stylistically diverse, the films raise questions about the difference between film by male and female directors, and how female perceptions create distinct feminist/feminine films. Babette Mangolte will present her feature The Cold Eye and discuss women in film at the conclusion of the series. Every Friday at 8 p.m. through August 20. NICARAGUAN FLOOD RELIEF Two tropical huricanes caused massive flood damage in Nicaragua at the end of May. Latin America Assistance, a San Antonio humanitarian group, is sending funds, medical supplies, and clothing to aid the flood victims via the Nicaraguan consulate in Houston. Donations of good and cash are needed; call 512-533-9693 or 736-9306. FREEZE CAMPAIGN The nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign is building a phone tree to reach constituents in all Texas congressional districts. The network will spread information important to the campaign to and from Washington and throughout Texas. Call or write Tony Switzer. NWFC, Box 4413, Austin, 78765, 512 476-3294. OPEN HOUSE The Austin Gray Panthers are holding an open house at their new office at Trinity United Methodist Church, 600 E. 50th St., August 9, 4-7 p.m. At this time they will also present their annual award to a community person who has worked to uphold the goals of the Gray Panthers. Progressive Organizations The Observer has built up lists of organizations in Texas we regard as progressive. The editor invites communications recommending organizations for inclusion. We will generally run the listings for Austin, San Antonio, and Houston in one issue followed by Dallas, Fort Worth, and Around Texas in the next. AUSTIN 7279, 78712: Amn. Friends Service Crnte., 474-2399; Amnesty Intl., Bx. 4951, Aus. 78765; Anti-Hunger Coalition of Tx. Austinites for Public Transportation, 441-2651; Aus. Lambda, 478-8653; Austin Lesbian-Gay Pol. Caucus, 478-8653; Aus. Nghbrhood Ccl., 442-8411; Aus. Nghbrhood Fund, 451-2347; Aus. Tenants’ Ccl 474-1961; Aus. Women’s Centr., 472-3775; Aus. Women’s Political Caucus, 472-3606; Black Aus. Demos., 478-6576; Brthrhood of Viet. Vets., 443-4830; Central Aus. Demos., 477-6487; Central Tx. Lignite Watch, 479-0678; Ctzns. Coalition for an Economical Energy Policy, 474-4738; Ctzns Party, 451-3864; Ctzns, United for Cmte. in Solidarity with the People of El Union, 477-4431; Demo. Socialists of 478-1645; El Centro Chicano, 477-7769 or 476-3747; Grandparents for Nuclear Disarmament Action, 453-1727; Gray Panthers, 345-1869; IMPACT, 472-3903; Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control 478-7481; LULAC, 451-3219; Max’s Pot, 928-4786; Mxn.-Amn. Demos., 444-7688 or 472-9211; NOW, 472-3775; Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, 459-0762; Nurses’ Environmental Health Watch, 454-3932; Northeast Aus. Demos., 8363533; Organizing Cmte. for a Nat’l, Austin 78765; Phogg Foundation, Box 477-7490; Rural America, 459-3320; Save Barton Creek, 472-4104; Sierra Club, 4781264; Socialist Party of Tx., 452-3722; South Aus. Demos., 447-4091; Students for 0777; Tx. Abortion Rights Action League 477-1882; Tx. Council on Family Violence, 327-8582; Tx, Environmental Coalition, Box 1683, 78767; Tx. Fathers for Equal Rights, 452-0848; Tx. Mobilization for Survival, 474-5877; Tx. Pesticide Research & Education Project, 474-0811; Tx. Solar Energy Society, 472-1252; Travis Cty. Demo. Women, 453-3243; Travis Cty. YD’s, 453-3796; Univ. Mobilization for Survival, 476-4503; UT YD’s, 452-8516; West Aus. Demos.,454-1291; Women’s Pol. Caucus, 474-1798; Zilker Park Posse, 472 1053. HOUSTON ACLU, 524-5925; ACORN, 523-6989; Amnesty Intl., 529-1892; Brotherhood of Viet. Vet., 728-4857; Citizens’ AntiCitizens Party, 633-8587; Demo. Socialist Organizing Cmte., 921-6906; Gay Political Caucus, 521-1000; Harris Cty. Concerned Women, 674-6798; Harris Cty. Demos., 528-2057; Houston Area Women’s Center, 528-6798; Houston Interfaith Hunger Coalition, 522-3955 Houston Nonviolent Action, 661-9889; Interfaith Peaceforce of Houston, 688-3803; Lesbian and Gay Demos. of Texas, 521-1000; Mxn.-Anin. mos., 6944 Navigation, Houston 770 Mockingbird Alliance, 747-1837: NAA 1018 Clebourne, Houston 77001; No Harris Co. Demos., P.O. Box 90704, 77 Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, 2422; Park People, Inc., 741-2524; PASO, 46716 Fairfield, Houston 77023; Senate Dist. 15 Demo. Coalition, 862-844 Club, 228-0037; Tx. Abortion “Rig tion of Black Demos., 674-0968; Tx. Demos., 667-6194; Tx. Fathers for Rights, 960-0407; Toxic SubstanceS Force, 228-0037; UofH YD’s, 749.73 Westside Demos., 464-2536; Women’s, Lobby Alliance, 521-0439. SAN ANTONIO ACLU, 224-6791; Amnesty Intl., Box LH134, 78212; Bread for the World, 494 1042; Civil Rights Litigation Center, 224 1061; Citizens Concerned Ahmtt Nuclear Power, 05-0543; Communiai’Vrginized tion Against U.S. Intervention in El Salvador, 225-6913; Demos. for Action, ReEcumenical >Peace Group, 736-2587; Fellowship of Reconciliation, 432-5715; Habitat, 822-9100; International Center for Peace Through Culture, 822-0461; LatinAmerican Assistance, 732-0960; Metropolitan Congregational Alliance, 349 2401; Mxn.-Anin. Demos., 227.1341; NAACP, 224-7636; Organizations United for East Side Development, 824-4422; Pax Christi, 432-5715; People for Peace, 822 3089; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 691-0375; Poor People’s Coalition for Human Services, 923-3037; Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, 732-9927; Proyecto Hospitalidad, 726-9306;Residents Organized for Better and Beautiful Environ3973; St. Mary’s Human Rights Assn., 436-3107; S. A. Demo. League, 344-1497; S. A. Gay Alliance, Metropolitan Cornmnty. Church, 102 S. Pine; S. A. Human Rights Commission, 436-4013; San Antonians for Freedom of Choice 733-3248; Sierra Club, 271-7169; Tx. Fathers for Equal Rights, 337-6803; United Campuses Protesting Nuclear War, 691-0375; United Citizens Project Planning and Operating Corp. 224-4278. Vietnam Vets. Against War, 826-2441; Women’s Political Caucus, 655-3724. 22 AUGUST 6, 1982