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SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR Notices on upcoming events must reach the Observer at least three weeks in advance. SOLAR EXPOSITION The American Section of the International Solar Energy Society is holding a solar technologies conference and exposition in Houston at the Albert Thomas Convention Center. The exposition will be open to the public on June 5, 9-5 p.m., $2 admission fee. For information, call the Texas Solar Energy Society at 512-472-1252 or the American Section/International Solar Energy Society at 817-526-1300. PEACE AND JUSTICE MEET The Austin Peace and Justice Coalition will meet on June 6, 2 p.m., at University Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, Austin. STRIPMINING HEARING Central Texas Lignite Watch was organized in response to stripmining plans for Central Texas. The group is urging all concerned citizens to attend a U.S. Department of the Interior hearing on lignite development of Camp Swift on June 7, 9 a.m., in the Bastrop High School Cafeteria. SUNSET WORKSHOPS The Consumers Union, Common Cause, and the Texas Consumers Association are sponsoring workshops on the sunset process in Ft. Worth on June 8, Community Room, Hunter’s Plaza on Burnett, 6:30-9:30 p.m. and in Dallas on June 10, Dallas Public Library, Central Branch, 6-9 p.m. PHOTOGRAPHS BY DORIS ULMANN An exhibition of 13 original platinum prints by Doris Ulmann, noted for her photographs of rural people during the 20’s and 30’s, will be shown June 8-August 29 in the Library Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. U.N. SPECIAL SESSION Texans are headed to New York City for the June 11 disarmament demonstration and rally at the second United Nations Special Session on Disarmament. For details about transportation, call Texas Mobilization for COMMUNITY PESTICIDE DEFENSE The Texas Pesticide Abuse Coalition is sponsoring a one-day workshop on pesticide poisoning and community defense on June 12 in Corpus Christi. Call 512-474-0811. DISARMAMENT OBSERVANCE An outdoor observance in support of the U.N. disarmament session will be held on June 12 at Crockett Park, North Main, San Antonio, from 6-10 p.m. Call 512-226-0589. TRANSPORTATION DISCUSSION ENVIRONMENTAL ASSEMBLY UT architect Bob Mather will discuss how neighborhoods can develop their own transportation, housing, and growth management plans at an Austinites for Public Transportation meeting on June 15. The book Austin’s Neighborhood Design Manual, available at Kinko’s Copies, will be used as the basis for the discussion. Call 512-4412651. REAGAN IN HOUSTON President Ronald Reagan is scheduled to be in Houston at the Albert Thomas Convention Center on June 15 for a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Governor Bill Clements. A coalition of groups and individuals, including Federation for Progress, Black United Front, Mickey Leland, and Sissy Farenthold, are planning a rally and march to protest Reagan’s policies. The rally will begin at 5 p.m. at an as-yet-unannounced site, and a march will proceed from there to the convention center. Call 713-864-5593 or 524-2705 for details. ENVIRONMENTAL COALITION ASSEMBLY hold its mid-year general assembly in Corpus Christi on June 26 at La Quinta Royale Motor Inn. The host group is the Organization for the Preservation of an Unblemished Shoreline. The gathering will focus on major isues affecting the Texas coast in the 1980’s; speakers include U.S. Rep. Bill Patman and Land Commissioner Bob Armstrong. Write TEC at P.O. Box 1683, Austin 78767. RUSSELL LEE EXHIBIT A retrospective of 50 photographs by Russell Lee, from humanistic portrayals of life in a coal mining town to nearly abstract details of oil refineries, will be on view through June 27 at the San Antonio Museum of Art. There are also photographs taken in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Austin during the depression when Lee worked for the Farm Security Administration. DRAFT PROSECUTIONS The Justice Department is expected to initiate prosecution against some 220 draft nonregistrants in the month of June. The American Friends Service Committee announces that the day after the prosecutions have been made public, demonstrations will be held at as many U.S. courthouses around the country as possible. Call AFSC in Austin, 512-474-2399 for information. Progressive Organizations The Observer has built up lists of organizations in Texas we regard as progressive. The editor invites communications recommending organizations for inclusion. Because of space reasons, we will generally run the listings for Austin, San Antonio, and Houston in one issue followed by Dallas, Fort Worth, and Around Texas in the next. AUSTIN ACLU ACORN 4428321; Alternative Views Amn. Friends Service Cmte., 474-2399; Amnesty Intl., Bx. 4951, Aus. 78765; Anti-Hunger Coalition 474-9921; Audubon Scty., 447-7155; Austinites for Public Transportation, 441-2651; Aus. Lambda, 478-8653; Austin Lesbian-Gay Pol. Caucus, 478-8653; Aus. Nghbrhood Ccl., 442-8411; Aus. Nghbrhood Fund, 451-2347; Aus. Tenants’ Ccl., 474-1961; Aus. Women’s Centr., 472-3775; Aus. Women’s Political Caucus, 472-3606; Black Aus. Demos., 478-6S76; Brthrhood of Viet. Vets., 443-4830; Central Aus. Demos., 477-6487; Central Tx. Lignite Watch, 479-0678; Ctzns. Coalition for an Economical Energy Policy, 474-4738; Ctzns Party, 451-3864; Ctzns, United for Rehab. of Er476-4762; Cmte. in Solidarity with the People of Consumers Union, 477-4431; Demo. Socialists of America 1645: El Centro Chicano, 477-7769 or 476-3747; Grandparents for Nuclear Disarmament Action, 453-1727; Gray Panthers, 345-1869; IMPACT, 472-3903; Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear Arms Max’s Pot, 928-4786; Mxn.-Amn. Demos., 444-7688 or 472-9211; NOW, 472-3775; Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, 476-3294; Nurses’ Environmental Health Watch, 454-3932; Northeast Aus. Demos., 836-3533; Organizing Cmte. for a Nat’l. Writers Union, 78765; Phogg Foundation, Box 13549, Red Ryder Preservation Scty. 459-3320; Save Barton Creek, 472-4104; Sierra Club, 478-1264; Socialist Party of Tx., 452-3722; South Aus. Demos., 447-4091; Students for Political Awareness Abortion Rights Action League Tx. Consumer Assn., 477-1882; Tx. Council on Family Violence, 327-8582; Tx. Fathers for Equal Rights, 452-0848; Tx. Mobilization for Survival, 474-5877; Travis Cty. Demo. Women, 453-3243; Travis Cty. YD’s, 453-3796; Univ. Mobilization for Survival, 4764503; UT YD’s, 452-8516; West Aus. Demos.. 4541291; Women’s Pol. Caucus, 474-1798; Zilker Park Posse, 472-1053. HOUSTON ACLU, 524-5925; ACORN, 523-6989; Amnesty Intl., 868-0707; Brotherhood of Viet. Vet., 7284857; Citizens’ Anti-Nuclear Info. Team \(CAN 633-8587; Demo. Socialist Organizing Cmte., 921-6906; Gay Political Caucus, 521-1000; Harris Cty. Concerned Women, 674-6798; Harris Cty. Demos., 528-2057; Houston Area Women’s Center, 528-6798; Houston Interfaith Hunger Coalition, 522-3955; Houston Nonviolent Action, 661-9889; Interfaith Peaceforce of Houston, 688-3803; Lesbian and Gay Demos. of Texas, 521-1000; Mxn.-Amn. Demos., 6944 Navigation, Houston 77011; Mockingbird Alliance, 7471837; NAACP, 1018 Clebourne, Houston 77001; North Harris Co. Demos., P.O. Box 90704, 77290; PASO, 6716 Fairfield, Houston 77023; Senate Dist. 15 Demo. Coalition, 862-8431; Sierra Club, 2280037; Tx. Abortion Rights Action League mos., 674-0968; Tx. Demos., 667-6194; Tx. Fathers for Equal Rights, 960-0407; Toxic Substances Task Force, 228-0037; UofH YD’s, 749-7347; Westside Demos., 464-2536; Women’s Lobby Alliance, 521-0439. SAN ANTONIO ACLU, 224-6791; Amnesty Intl., Box LH134, 78212; Civil Rights Litigation Center, 224-1061; Citizens Concerned About Nuclear Power, 6550543; Communities Organized for Public Service conciliation, 432-5715; Latin-American Assistance, 732-0960; Mxn.-Amn. Demos., 227-1341; NAACP, 224-7636; Organizations United for East Side Development, 824-4422; People for Peace, 822-3089; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 691-0375; Poor People’s Coalition for Human Services, 923-3037; Residents Organized for Better and Beautiful Environmental Development 1497; S. A. Gay Alliance, Metropolitan Commnty. Church, 102 S. Pine; San Antonians for Freedom of Choice, 733-3248; Sierra Club, 341-5990; Tx. Fathers for Equal Rights, 337-6803; United Campuses Protesting Nuclear War, 691-0375; United Citizens Project Planning and Operating Corp. 224-4278. Women’s Political Caucus, 655-3724. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21