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Following is a list of events and contact people. Remembrance, Temple B’nai Israel; April 25, ecumenical service. PBS broadcast “Thinking Twice about Nuclear War,” 11 p.m.; April 25, Closing ceremony at Capitol, 1 p.m. State Univ. events. CORPUS 6164, April 23-24, film festival; April 25, ecumenical service. DALLAS: tour of ground zero area. forum at Nolan High School and film at Univ. Christian Church. 997-3263. High school literature and art contest “Living in a World without Nuclear Weapons”; April 25, Closing ceremony at Nimitz Museum Peace Garden. 762-5665. 3682, or 527-4099. April 24, march from Tranquility Park to UH campus with speakers including Mickey Leland and UH symposium from 11-6 p.m. on “Ending the Nuclear Arms Race.” LUBBOCK: 8950. April 24, town meeting at Hodges Community Center; April 25, ecumenical service. p.m. gathering at the Alamo followed by a candlelight service in the evening. SAN MARCOS: SW Tx. State Univ. events. speakers at 7th and James Baptist Church. MEG CHRISTIAN CONCERT Meg Christian, “the founding Mother of women’s music,” will perform with Diane Lindsey on April 28, 451-2303. FAMILY VIOLENCE CONFERENCE The Texas Council on Family Violence, a coalition of shelter providers, will hold 20 workshops offering expertise on organizing shelter programs and providing options to family abuse. April 29-30 at the Texas Law Center, 15th and Colorado, Austin, free, 8582. Progressive Organizations The Observer has built up lists of political organizations in Texas we regard as progressive. The editor invites communications recommending organizations for inclusion. Because of space reasons, we will generally run the listings for Austin, San Antonio, and Houston in one issue followed by Dallas, Fort Worth, and Around Texas in the next. DALLAS ACLU, 651-7897; ACORN, 823-4580; Amns. for Democratic Action, 368-8931; Amn. Friends Service Cmte., 321-8643; American Indian Center, 826-8856; Amnesty Intl., U.S. Group 205, 361-4690; Armadillo Coalition, 1st Wed., 349-1970; AMIGOS, 339-9461; Audubon Society, 341-2534; Bois d’Arc Patriots, 827-2632; Bread for the World, Dist. 3, Joe Haag, 741-1991×298 & 495-1494; Brotherhood of Viet Vet., 224-9750; Brown Berets, 337-4135; Citizens’ Assn. for Sound Energy 946-9446; Citizens for Comm. Health, 1st Fri., 363-2979; Clean Air Coalition, 387-2785; Comanche Peak Life Force, Wed. wkly, 337-5885; Cmte. in Solidarity with the People in El Sal375-3715; Dallas Gay Alliance, 2nd Mon., 528-4233; Democratic Socialist Org. Cmte. Dal. Nghbrhood Assn., 3rd Mon., 827-1181; Fellowship 1-370-3805; Frederick Douglass Voting Council, every Fri., 426-1867; Gray Panthers of Dallas-Fort Worth, 2nd Sat., 227-8332; Love Field Cit. Action Cmte., 526-8481; Low Income Housing Security Cmte., 748-5861; Nghborhood Info. & Action Service, 827-2632; Neighbors United for Quality Ed., 823-6713; North Texas Abortion Rights Action League Col. Solar Club, 659-5254; Progressive Voters League, 372-8168; Sierra Club, 2nd Wed., 369-5543; 1st Mon., 750-9736; S. Central Civic League, 375-5038; S.E. Dal. Nghbrhood Club, every 4th Sat., 421-7931; Sound 321-6960; Txns. for Handgun Control, 528-3985; Tx. Cmte. on Natural Resources, 352-8370; Tx. Tenants Union, 823-2733; Dallas UN Assn. 526-1853; Urban Affairs Center 372-6801; War Resisters League, 337-5885; W. Dal. Nghbrhood Group, 3rd Wed., 631-1586. FORT WORTH ACLU, 924-1401, board meets mthly; Armadillo Coalition, 927-0808; Bread for the World, 924-1440 \(Dist. for Education on 926-3827; Citizens for Fair Utility Regulation, 478-6372; Coalition of Labor Union Women, 469-1202. Dist. 10 Demos., 2nd Sat., 535-7803; First Friday, 1st Fri., 927-0808; F.W. Tenants’ Ccl., 923-5071; IMPACT, \(telephone chain, works largely through progressive Protestant Mental Health Assn., 2nd & 4th Tue., 335-5405; NOW, 3rd Th., 336-3943; Precinct Workers CI., 3rd Th., 429-2706; Senatorial Dist. 12 Demos., 2nd Sat. or 2nd Wed., 457-1560; Sierra Club, 3rd Wed., 923-9718; Students Against the Draft Tarrant Cty. Demo Women’s Club, 2nd Sat., 451-8133, 927-5169; Tx. Coalition of Black Demos \(F. W. Women’s Political Caucus, 1st Wed., 336-8700. AROUND TEXAS Alta Loma: Brotherhood of Viet. Vet., 925-6405. Amarillo: ACLU, 373-7200; Panhandle Environmental Awareness Cmte., 376-8903; Northwest Tx. Clergy and Laity Concerned, 373-8668. Bastrop: Central Tx. Lignite Watch, Bastrop Co., 321-5250. Beaumont: ACLU, 898-0743; Amnesty Intl, Karen Dweyer, 420 Longmeadow, Beaumont 77707. Brotherhood of Viet Vets, 727-4873. Brownsville: ACLU, 541-4874. Bryan: ACLU, Box 4523, 77805; Brazos Society for Alternatives to Nuclear Energy, 822-1882. College Station: Texas Environmental Corpus Christi: American GI Forum, 241-8647; Coastal Bend Chapter Sierra Club, 883-0586; Gulf Coast Conservation Assoc., 991-9690; League of Women Voters, 852-6443; LULAC, 882-8284; NAACP, 8832931; NOW, 883-4469; Org. for the Preservation of men’s Pol. Caucus, 854-1080; Women’s Shelter, 881-8888. Denton: ACLU, 387-5126. El Paso: ACLU, 545-2990; Amnesty Intl, 584-4869. Fredricksburg: Fredricksburg Peace Alliance, 997-3263. Gainesville: Organizing Cmte. for a Nat’l. Writers 76240. Lubbock: ACLU, 765-8393; Nat’l Lawyers Guild, 799-2714; NOW, 793-0582; South Plains Alternative Resources Coalition, 762-8950; West Tx. Demos., 792-5720. Midland: Brotherhood of Viet. Vets., 684-3768. Nacogdoches: Alternative Views, 560-4363; Pineywoods Coalition, 218 W. Austin St., Nacogdoches. San Juan: ACLU, 787-8171. San Marcos: Students Against Continued Involvement Seabrook: Galveston Bay Conservation & Preservation Assoc., 471-3119. Temple: Brotherhood of Viet Vets, 773-7987. Texas City: Gulf Coast Council on Foreign Affairs, 938-1211×296/297. Waco: ACLU, 755-3611; Baylor Young Demos., 662-6313; Bread for the World, 772-3135; C.U.R.E., 754-2008; G.I. Forum, 799-8712; IMPACT, 772-7006, League of Women Vtrs., 776-5432; L.U.L.A.C., 776-0438; NOW, 752-5975. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17