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TEVit RVER February 26, 1982 A Journal of Free Voices 75 Photos by Dennis Carlyle Darling Armstrong Stresses Good Management Having campaigned until midnight the night before and flown into Austin from Houston on a 7:30 flight Saturday morning, Feb. 13, Cmsr. Bob Armstrong, running for governor, turned up in the lobby of the Stephen F. Austin state office building in jeans and open shirt, and a blue down brush jacket, moving slowly. Seeing the photographer, Dennis Darling, he decided to go back to his car and get his “governor’s suit,” a blue business suit, which he carried upstairs to his office over his arm. An Observer Interview The crowd the night before at the statewide black coalition meeting, he told campaign aide Walter Richter, was very thin. Disallowing the presence of the candidates and their aides, he thought not more than 75 voters were there. But those 75 included Cong. Mickey Leland and Shirley Chisholm of New York, as well as the press, so the many candidates there had not wasted their time. Should he change into his suit? Deciding to because “people are always saying I’m so laid back;” he retired to an adjacent room to change. Dressed up he looked heavier at the beltline, but in his face more like a statesmanlike politician than when he looked younger. He sat in his wing-armed high-backed