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Classified advertising is 300 per word. Discounts for multiple insertions within a 12 month period: 25 times, 50%; 12 times, 25%; 6 times, 10%. Postmaster: If undeliverable, send Form 3579 to The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th, Austin, Texas 78701 DIALOGUE The Lack of Etc. I am here in prison. . . . Overcrowding is too nice a word.. . Brutality, perhaps unreasonable brutality, describes the violence here. . . . Crime in prison? Yes! But perpetrated by guards as well as prisioners. . . . Rehabilitation, yes. However, no inmate or prisoner is rehabilitated by school programs or teachers. \(They do help tremendously, though, towards that In my opinion, within the next few years it is most probable that there will be terrible violence within the prison labor camps here in Texas. The lack of etc., etc., etc., etc. Mark Kirby, #247090 Ramsey I Unit, Rt. 4, Box 1100, Roshason, Tx. 77583. Off Your Duffs Please accept my check for $50. . . . Let me congratulate the new Texas Observer. It is back to where it was ten or fifteen years ago. It’s wonderful. Now if the Democratic Party and organized labor will get off their duffs and start be coming active, instead of trying to live up to their past glories, the people of Texas will reach their full potential of greatness. . . . We can’t sit on our brains and get the job done. We need better communication among our leaders and the people in the precincts. . . -> Let’s use the ideas of everyone, not only the high and mighty. . . . Apts. #230, 8535 Greenbrier Dr., San Antonio, Tx. 78209. Hypocrisy I made a collage of your July 10th article “A Tour of a Texas Prison” and sent it out to be fotocopied. Had a small hassle but TDC finally “allowed me” to send one to the Angolian, Louisiana State Prison. This is my last copy; but just wanted you to see my thoughts on hypocrisy. Hope I didn’t make you mad. Enjoy your paper. Read it when I can. A friend subscribes. The TDC library doesn’t have it to my knowledge. S. J. Wilburn, TDC 294680-A, HVUnit: 17-B-13, P.O. Box 32, Huntsville, Tx. 77340. Demos in Mexico A special message for Observer readers who might work or reside in Mexico in the future. The Democratic Party is alive and well in Mexico! “Democrats Abroad Mexico” is composed of housewives, reporters, professors, teachers, students . . . as well as established business persons. Most are progressives. The members polled before I left for the Democratic convention in New York voted overwhelmingly for Edward Kennedy. The “Democrats Abroad International” delegation voted 3-Kennedy, 2-Carter, and 1-Dellums. \(We have six votes in the national con”Democrats Abroad Mexico” is also a lobby group. One of the main issues is the double taxation of U.S. citizens living abroad . . . other problems we are concerned with are voter registration, medicaid \(not available for U.S. citizens lems. . . . Last year we met Edward Kennedy prior to the national convention. More recently we met with Ambasual talents as knowledgeable Mexicanists. . . . For more information, in Mexico City contact Richard Sibley, Becquer #14-4, Jeff Teague in Puebla and Cholula, Tel. tin, 5203 Beechmoor, 928-2900. Virginia Newton Mounce, Rio Lerma 100-A-501, Mexico 5, D.F. FREEWHEELING BICYCLES.c .1404 San Gabriel, Austin. For whatever your bicycle needs. GET AWAY!!! Join Texas >Paradise Retreat Club. 500 beautiful secluded acres of peaceful natural wonder. Swim, fish, hunt, canoe, camp, horseback ride. Private cabins. Meeting center. air-strip, charter flight service. Send $3 for exquisite color brochure, photos, membership application. G. J. Mose & Co., Inc., 11735 Featherbrook Drive, Dallas, Texas 75228. SELL OBSERVER SUBSCRIPTIONS. The Observer has a $10 commission progam. Organizations and individuals may arrange with us to sell new one-year Observer subscriptions and receive a $10 commission for each sale. We will provide forms, sample copies, and other materials. Contact the Observer at 600 W. 7th St., Austin, Tx. 78701, or phone 512-477-0746. No PAC’s or campaigns, please. 24 DECEMBER 4, 1981 JOIN THE ACLU. Membership $20. Texas Civil Liberties Union, 600 West 7th, Austin 78701. THE PEACE MOVEMENT is alive and well in Texas. American Friends Service Committee works for disarmament. peace and justice. AFSC, 1022 W. 6th, Austin 78703. COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS ACORN needs organizers to work with low and moderate income families in 16 states for political and economic justice. Direct action on neighborhood deterioration, utility rates, taxes, health care. Tangible results and enduring rewards -long hours and low pay. Training KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Send $7.95 to Buy ing, < Renting d Borrowing in Texas, 2505 Stratford, Austin 78746. BACKPACKING MOUNTAINEERING RAFTING. Outback Expeditions, P.O. Box DLJGGER & SON IN modeling, additions, repairs * Gary Dugger at 452-1013 in Aus BOOK-HUNTING? No oblations; rare or out-of-print books :Rut a $.4 River Hills Road, Austin 787 4E REASON magazine - libertarian monthly: news rent political and economi utors include Thomas Rothbard, Nathaniel Brand you are concerned wit . REASON is for you. Current jk: Special Finance issue $2.00; from SUNRISE TRADING COMPANY, Congress Ave., Austin, Texas 78704. 441-4565. Free booklist on request, or "Vii ''ur store. i