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and then by UT as a nuclear dump, and there were no records kept of what was stored. At that time records were not mandatory. In fact, 95% of all the nuclear waste in the United States is from military use and most of it is not recorded. Charles Holt: I was wondering, did the Amarillo Bishop story get into the wire services and do you know what the interest was in other states? Dugger: I know it got on the wire services. . . . I also know the New Mexico press played it up big. I do know the East is aware of the Bishop on the West Coast who has said withhold half your taxes. I dare say the matter will get into the public debate now. * Charles Holt: Those neutron bombs are being assembled in our state? Dugger: All nuclear weapons, including the neutron bomb, are being assembled in our state, courtesy of our public officials. Anne McAfee: Ronnie, do you know the number of people employed? Dugger: 2,400. War and Jobs Phyllis McMillan: We have a friend in Las Vegas where the underground MX missile is being planned. There is a large unemployed segment in Las Vegas who are pushing for the MX for jobs. Is there anything the Chamber of Commerce or anybody else could do to bring jobs and decrease the unemployment rate? Dugger: Yes, there is a large literature on conversion of military industry. Senator George McGovern was very much into that program. The Fellowship for Reconciliation is also. The politicians from Texas do not pay the slightest attention to it. So if you were to have Congressman Pickle down for a discourse on nuclear war, that would be an excellent question for him. What has he most re *After the Observer coverage appeared, other dailies in Texas gave the story emphasis, and on Sept. 8 the New York Times gave it front-page attention. This Times story also reported that several months before, the Catholic Archbishop in Seattle, Raymond G. Hunthausen, had suggested that Christians should withhold 50% of their federal income tax as a form of nonviolent resistance to “nuclear murder and suicide.” R.D. cently done to hasten conversion from war plants? Dan Hegar: I feel our basic problem is over-zealous capitalism created by the profit motive and the ever growing power of corporations. So I would like to limit the power of corporations. Dugger: I’m with you entirely. It’s not easily done. That’s a political problem. In my opinion, the only way we are going to change our military policy is to change our political policy, and the only way to change our politics is to cut the political power flowing from the major corporations. That’s whay I think we have to be political. There’s a book, The Nuclear Barons, which lays down the surprising predicate that the world is in the predicament it is precisely because a group of baron-like corporate executives and collaborating government officials have had an elite’s special interest in all this nuclear technology and nuclear growth. A stimulating hypothesis. John Lindell: I’ve found myself in agreement with what’s been said here so far. I’d like to take a slightly different approach. AUSTIN ACORN, 8 nghbrhood groups, 442-8321; Amnesty Intl., Group 107, Cindy Torrance, POBx. 4951, Aus. 78765; Austinites for Public Transportation, 3rd Tue., 441-2651; Aus. Lesbian-Gay Political Caucus, 4th Tue., & also Lesbian-Gay Demos. of Tx., 478-8653; Aus. Nghbrhood, Ccl., 4th Wed., 442-8411; Aus. Nghbrhood Fund, 3rd Mon., 451-2347; Aus. Tenants’ Ccl., 474-1961; Aus. Women’s Political Caucus, 1st & 3rd Tues., 472-3606 or 447-4409; Black Aus. Demos., 3rd or 4th Thu., 478-6576; Center for Maximum Potential Buildg. Systems tral Aus. Demos., 3rd Wed., 477-6587; Central Tx. ACLU, 477-4335; Citizens’ Coalition for an Economical Energy Policy, 474-4738; Demo. Socialist Organizing Cmte., 2nd Wed., 453-2556; Gray Panthers, 4th Thu., 345-1869; Lignite Group, 479451-3219; Mxn.-Amn. Demos., 1st Mon., 444-7668 or 4729211; New Amn. Movement, every other Sun., 454-2888 or 478-2096; Nurses’ Environmental Health Watch, 454-3932; Northeast Aus. Demos., 2nd Tue., Dr. Gary Witt, 8512 Grayledge; Phogg Foundation, POBx. 13549, Ax.; Save Barton Creek, every Tue., 472-4104; Sierra Club, 1st Tue., 478-1264; Socialist Party of Tx., 2nd Tue., 4523722; South Aus. Demos., 3fid Tue. or 3rd Thu., 447-4091; Tx. Consumer Assn., 477-1882; Tx. Mobilization for Survival, Sun., wkly., 474-5877; Travis Audubon Scty., 3rd Thu., 447-7155 or 477-6282; Travis Cty. Demo. Women, every Fri., 453-3243; Travis Cty. YD’s, 453-3796; Univ. Mobilization for Survival, wkly., 476-4503; UT YD’s, 452-8516; West Aus. Demos., 2nd Thu., 454=1291; Zilker Park Posse, 472-1053. SAN ANTONIO ACLU, 224-6791; Amnesty Intl, U.S. Group 127, Julia Powell, 828-4141; Women’s Political Caucus, 2nd Tues., 655-3724; Civil Rights Litigation Center, 224-1061; Citizens Concerned About Nuclear Power, 1st & 3rd Weds., 655-0543; Com 2nd Th., 222-2367; Demos for Action, Research & Wed., 674-0351; Latin-American Assistance, alternate Sats., 732-0960; Mxn.-Amn. Demos., 3rd Mon., Walter Martinez, 227-1341; NAACP, 4th Fri., 224 7636; Organizations United for East Side Development, last Tue., 824-4422; People for Peace, 2nd Th., 822-3089; Physicians for Social Responsibility, 1st Mon., Dr. Martin Batiere, 691-0375; Poor People’s Coalition for Human Services, 923-3037; Residents Organized for Better and Beautiful Tue., 226-3973; S. A. Demo. League, 1st Thu., 344 1497; S. A. Gay Alliance, last Wed., Metropolitan Commnty. Church, 102 S. Pine; Sierra Club, 3rd Tue., 341-5990; United Citizens Project Planning 224-4278. DALLAS ACLU, 2001 McKinney, Suite 330; ACORN, 823-4580; Amn. Friends Service Cmte., 321-8643; Amnesty Intl., U.S. Group 189, Renee Berta, 915584-4869, and Group 205, William H. Winn, 214 361-4690; Armadillo Coalition, 1st Wed., 349-1970; AMIGOS, 339-9461; Bois d’Arc Patriots, 827-2632; Brown Berets, 337-4135; Bread for the World, state, Joe Haag, 741-1991 x298, and 495-1494 \(Dist. 946-9446; Clean Air Coalition, 387-2785; Comanche Peak Life Force, Wed. wkly, 337-5885; Cmte in Solidarity with the People in El Sal375-3715; Dallas Gay Alliance, 2nd Mon., 528-4233; Fellowship of Reconciliation 1-370-3805; E. Dal. Nghbrhood Assn., 3rd Mon., 827-1181; Frederick Douglass Voting League, 428-2407; Nghborhood Info. & Action Service, 827-2632; NOW No. Lake College Solar Club, 659-5254; Progressive Voters League, 372-8168; Sierra Club, 2nd Wed., 369-5543; Txns. for Handgun Control, 528-3985; Tx. Cmte. on Natural Resources, 352-8370; Tx. Tenants Union, 823-2733; Dallas UN Assn. War Resisters League, 337-5885. FORT WORTH ACLU, 534-6883; ACORN, \(11 nghbrhd. 9241401, board meets mthly; Armadillo Coalition, 927-0808; Bread for the World, 924-1440 \(Dist. Utility Regulation, 478-6372; Coalition of Labor Union Women, 469-1202. Dist. 10 Demos., 2nd Sat., 535-7803; First Friday, 1st Fri., 927-0808; F.W. Tenants’ Ccl., 923-5071; IMPACT, \(telephone chain, works largely through progressive Protestant Mental Health Assn., 2nd & 4th Tue., 335-5405; NOW, 3rd Th., 336-3943; Precinct Workers Cl., 3rd Th., 429-2706; Senatorial Dist. 12 Demos., 2nd Sat. or 2nd Wed., 457-1560; Sierra Club, 3rd Wed., 923-9718; Students Against the Draft Cty. Demo Women’s Club, 2nd Sat., 451-8133, 927-5169; Tx. Coalition of Black Demos \(F. W. Tues., 534-7737; Women’s Political Caucus, 1st Wed., 336-8700. THE ACLU American Civil Liberities Union chapters, not listed elsewhere: Denton, 387-5126; El Paso, 545-2990; High Plains Houston, 524-5925; Lubbock, 806-765-8393; Rio Grande Valley, Bill Fulcher, 541-4874 Texas Project, Waco; Prof. Frank Newton, 755-3611. \(At present there are no active chapters in Corpus Christi or LONE STAR ALLIANCE The Alliance is made up of member groups opposed to nuclear power. The groups, not listed elsewhere: Bryan: Brazos Society for Alternatives to Nuclear Energy, 822-1882. Nacogdoches: Pineywoods Coalition, 218 W. Austin St. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Contact persons for Amnesty International in Texas, not elsewhere listed: Beaumont, Group 221, Karen Dweyer, 420 Longmeadow, Beaumont 77707; Regional membership coordinator, Rita Williamson, 512-441-8078 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17