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address city state lip THE TEXAS OBSERVER 600 W. 7th, Austin, Texas 78701 name Postmaster: if undeliverable, send Form 3579 to The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th, Austin, Texas 78701 `We’ve Got the People’ Leo J. Leo, the mayor of La Joya, Texas, left us on Tuesday noon, July 21, 1981, at the age of 64 at McAllen Hospital of an acute myocardial infarction. He was under my care and that of an internist in this city. We buried him on Friday at the La Joya cemetery among his very own people, as was his wish. He left his widow Feliz, a daughter Nellie, and sons James, Billie, Henry, and Leo, Jr. But most importantly he left a legacy of principle, compassion, and guts that progressives in South Texas and the state will find very difficult to match. He held for decades the undisputed title of Mr. Progressive Democrat of South Texas. He never compromised principle for expediency’s sake. For the rest of our days we will see him before us, sitting there, sphinx-like, exhorting us: “They’ve got the money but we’ve got the people: let’s re-group our people and our guns, and let’s fight like hell.” The likes of him will be long coming and we shall miss him. Ramiro R. Casso, M.D., McAllen Polyclinic, 1520 Galveston, McAllen, Tx. 78501. Defending Wilson In defense of one of “The Nine” \(TO I attended a town meeting in Crockett, where the budget and tax programs of both the Administration and the Democrats were discussed in some detail. At that meeting, Charles Wilson asked the people to let him know which program they preferred. The vote was two to one for the Administration’s budget program and exactly even on the tax programs. Regardless of whether the outcome pleases me, I believe an elected representative has a duty to vote according to the will of the majority of his constituents, so far as he can determine that will. Ada Morehead Holland, Star Rte. 4, Box 152, Kennard, Tx. 75847. On Jim Wright It’s refreshing to be assured that the Observer will continue to be the incisive, informative, intrepid publication we especially need in this dreadful time. But I have to differ with “What’s the Difference?” \(TO Developments since then have shown that it was a mistake to bracket Jim Wright with Lloyd Bentsen. If we allow for differences of outlook and division of labor among Democrats, we can concede that Wright is performing his special function. Ted Kennedy has his place, faithfully proclaiming Democratic principles. 111111111. r IF YOU ARE an occasional reader and would like to receive The Texas Observer regularlyor if you are a subscriber and would like to have a free sample copy or a one-year gift subscription sent to a friend here’s the order form: Wright has his place. Jim is the boy who stood on the burning deck offering alternatives to which wavering Democrats might be persuaded to rally. We need to toss him a canteen, not set fire to his coattails. Remembering that politics is the art of the possible, Wright keeps offering alternatives that may keep a sizable, identifiable bloc of Democrats together, in the only body where Democrats now have much impact. If the Democrats offer tax proposals, Reagan must either preempt them or attack them. If Reagan doesn’t like Democrats’ specific budget cuts, he will have to take public responsibility for those he prefers. \(Let us hope the Democrats don’t get stuck with suggestions they Wright is now the spokesman for moderates. David Stockman would like to reserve the left lane for Wright’s constituency and push us into the ditch. When we push back, we need to recall that we let Gramm and Stenholm and Hance get past us to go to Washington and handicap the majority leader. . . . Margaret Carter, 2816 Sixth Ave., Fort Worth, Tx. 76110 A HOLIDAY PAUSE Every summer, usually in July, we take one extra week between our issues. This summer we’ve done this in August. The cover date of our next issue will be Aug. 28. HE P 134 —-this subscription is for myself gift subscription send card in my name sample copy only you may use my name $20 enclosed for a one-year subscription bill me for $20 MY NAME & ADDRESS SEND THE OBSERVER TO Subscribe to the Observer The Observer “has continually provided a healthy and necessary pinging of the Establishment from the left, and has been a valuable rallying point for those people interested in humanity who are often characterized as bleeding hearts.” David McNeely, Political Editor, Austin American-Statesman, January 4, 1981. -41Y In VW’ la NM MO MI I=1 MI Ili MN ME NMI OM 11111111111111==MMMINIIIIMINIIIMINIIIIMIMIMIN 24 AUGUST 14, 1981