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growth by the just-begun vast expansion of its water and sewer capacity, to be completed by late 1983. But friends, our $220,000 note on this land is now due. So we have the option bringing in additional limited partners who can see the incredible potential of this property in the coming decade. In 1975 we bought it by the acre. Sometime before 1989 we have every reason to expect to sell it by the square foot. will be sold. Multiple share interests can be purchased. Prospective buyers would need a minimum of $2800 for a down payment per share interest and should expect some $60 per month in tax deductible interest and carrying charges during the years we hold it. Again, as in the first stage of this project, if at the end of four years your life situation has changed and you are in need of these funds, I shall personally endorse a 60-day-notice, buy-back plus 12% interest guarantee agreement which will be included in the share agreement. So, folks, this time don’t say I didn’t ask. If you’re still a Texan and/or have a legal Texas residence and are interested in obtaining a full prospectus, clip and send me the coupon below. Best regards, Chuck Caldwell, President St. Charles Hotel 1731 New Hampshire Ave., N.W. ‘ immim me malliwomm irmim miammaserom mim m um mmasommusimmom mism os Round Rock Investments Ltd. Partnership MAIL TO: Mr. Harold Ingersoll, Public Accountant 7801 North Lamar, Bldg. F Suite 7, Austin, Texas 78752 Dear Chuck, Yes, I’m interested in a limited partnership prospectus. I understand no obligation is incurred by this request. I also understand that time is of the essence and I must respond to the prospectus if interested by August 27, 1981. These shares will of course be sold on a firstcome, first-served basis. Name Street City, State & Zip This announcement is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any of these shares. The offering is made only by the Prospectus. I =I= m eliamowiwimmommiumwswernimi l imaimmies-mimm THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21