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His patrician demeanor is a glaring liability among his assets.” Meanwhile, GOP political activist and columnist Doug Harlan, discussing the probable Jim Collins-Walter Mengden contest for the GOP nomination against Bentsen, quotes a friend of Mengden’s saying, “Most people don’t know that Mengden’s family is wealthy. They could easily put $3 million into the campaign, and Walter’s daddy told me he wouldn’t object if Walter put as much as $5 million into it.” Meanwhile Collins repeats to reporters he’s “virtually certain” to run and develops the theme that’s likely to provide more laughs next spring than Texas Democrats appealing to their record: Of Mengden Collins now says, “I’m very conservative. But I suspect he’s to the right of me.” Beyond this, as Harvard writes, “For the first time in Dallas, where all things Republican begin, there is likely to be a very hot Republican primary in a congressional race,” with ex-Dallas councilperson Steve Bartlett, Rep. Lee Jackson, Cty. Cmsr. Jim Jackson, and those Democratic stalwarts of yesteryear, Ed Drake, Joe Devany, and Mayor Ray Noah of Richardson, all shuffling around shrewdly for best position to run for Republican Collins’ presumably vacated congressional seat. Bentsen, raising $100,000 in San Antonio one evening late last month, estimated that the general election campaign for his seat next year will cost in all at least the $10 million he said John Tower and Bob Krueger spent in the 1978 Senate race. Yet if Harlan’s right about Mengden’s budget against the multimillionaire Collins, those two might spend that much in the Republican primary by themselves. So, for the 1982 Democratic primary: bets off. h. Bentsen also said in San Antonio, in the paraphrase by James McCrory of the Express, that “he supports President Reagan’s overall budget cuts, but felt cuts in some areas were excessive and in other areas could be deeper,” and “supports a three-year tax cut, but reserves the right to propose several amendments. . . .” 1,0″ What woman’s going to run statewide in 1982? Sissy Farenthold is back in Houston, but would have to cope with the fact that she endorsed Anderson for President in ’80. Neither Travis Cty. Cmsr. Ann Richards nor former White House aide Sarah Weddington is expected to run at the state level next time. Carolyn Barta of the Dallas News comes up with a possible candidate, though: Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison, former legislator, federal agency board member, and now general counsel for the Republic of Texas Corp. Barta mentions her for attorney general if Mark White goes for governor, or for Congress, and eventually, in her reputed ambitions, for lieutenant governor or governor. A mere $450,000 is the sum of money that is, 450,000 dollar bills, or 4,500 $100 bills that NICPAC chairman Terry Dolan said in Fort Worth will be spent in an attempt to beat House Majority Leader Jim Wright. Predictably, Dolan’s theme is that Wright is “out of step with Texas,” the one theme that Dolan said in his Texas-focused memo works “He’s the principal obstructionist to Reagan’s economic plans,” Dolan said in Fort Worth. No dummy, Dolan said also that the dump-Wright move is meant not only to beat him but to get him to vote more conservatively. “In many respects,” Dolan said, “this is a lobbying campaign. If this is successful it will have impact on other members. . . .” Wright all but called Dolan a political whore. “Mr. Dolan’s motives are plain. He does what he does for money,” Wright said. Dolan is a “cash-activated hit man who will attack anybody people pay him to attack . . . through expensive media campaigns of distortion.” Wright also referred to “these East Coast political panderers.” Speaker Billy Clayton said he’s a Democrat and will not switch, ending speculation he might run \(presumably for A federal judge held that Houston Mayor Jim McConn was an active conspirator in an illegal orchestrated campaign to deny Houstonians competitive bidding in the acquisition of cable TV for the city, likely resulting in the citizens receiving inferior cable TV, but that McConn was not liable for a $6.3 million judgment a jury had entered against him and fellow defendants. “I am vindicated,” said McConn, and proceeded with his re-election campaign. vor Barbara Strong had a story in the Dallas News about Cong. Charles Wilson entitled, ” ‘Good Time Charlie’ bewails his image,” a story that might not be too helpful with the folks back home, just as Wilson is quoted in it saying that reporters “always say he \(Wilson, speakthey always say Good Time Charlie lives it up and stuff, and they never say that I do any work. It hurts like hell back home.” Po’ Trouble ahead for Atty. Gen. Mark White if he takes on Gov. Bill Clements: Ruben Bonilla, the LULAC leader, said White should drop his “personal war against bilingual education.” White has fought Wayne Justice’s rulings concerning bilingual ed as a means of correcting educational wrongs to Hispanics. “I am beginning to believe,” Bonilla said, “that the attorney general will never accept the fact that Texas has committed educational crimes against Hispanics.” Tough language. White has hired, at a cost of about $200,000, Fulbright & Jaworski, Houston, to help in his appeal on behalf of the state from Justice’s court order on prision reform. Clements had suggested he take such a step and said he was pleased. In Washington, White played on out his role as a states’ righter, arousing the Reagan group to new dangers. White asked for legislation prohibiting the FTC from regulating the legal profession. The FTC has been questionnairing state bar associations on practices that might impair the ability of citizens to find and pay for lawyers. so” The national Democrats are revising their rules as usual. Texas members of the Hunt Commission for the project this time include Carrin Patman of Ganado and Socoro Meza of San Antonio, research director of the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project. 8 JULY 24, 1981 AoirkNe,* “HERIK/A-0405*/