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LUNCH ON THE RIVER OR THE BALCONY BRUNCH ON SUNDAY! … and Sandwiches, Chili, Tacos, Chalupas, and restaurant baked desserts. Haagen Dazs Ice Cream and fresh yoghurt. Soup and salad bar. 11:30 am until 5:00 pm Monday thru Sunday. 224-4515 the greenhouse Above the Kangaroo Court Downtown Riverwalk 314 North Presa San Antonio, Texas ANDERSON & COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON SQIIARE AUSTIN, TEXAS 7:r31 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip Printers Stationers Mailers Typesetters High Speed Web Offset Publication Press Counseling Designing Copy Writing Editing Trade Computer Sales and Services Complete Computer Data Processing Services ie FUTURA PRESS AUSTIN TEXAS IFIJIPTUIRS11, 512/442-7836 1714 South Congress P.O. Box 3485 Austin, Texas 78764 over to the House that largely keeps the present 14th intact. The House is not “out to get Bill,” either. The only state legislator who is “out to get Bill Patman” \(by numerous objective Von Dohlen of Goliad, who happens to be serving in the powerful position of chairman of the House redistricting committee. Oh, yes, and, of course, a few who are trying to further the selfserving interests of the Texas Republican Party. As for Bill’s views on the shape of the district, his consistent position \(throughbeen that the interests of the people who live in the 14th district, both Anglo and Hispanic, would best be served by keeping the present boundaries intact. He has never made a commitment to anyone to promote any plan that would remove Nueces County or any part of it from the current 14th district. Carrin Patman, 1408 Longworth H.O.B., Washington, D.C. 20515. Bondage Katherine Torrans’ piece \(concerning abortion, TO Jonathan Swift. She expresses the rage and horror women feel who recognize the kind of bondage being forged for them by anti-abortionists. She does so with an artistry more graphic than a thousand pictures. Dorothy Gamble DuBose, 2928 Owenwood Dr., Fort Worth, Tx. 76109. On Bilingual Ed Congratulations on the articles \(TO on bilingualism and education. I am happy there are still some in the Texas legislature who are positive on bilingualism, and I am delighted to read some of the pragmatic attitudes reflected in the articles. Not all of us who favor bilingual programs are starry-eyed idealists. I am thankful that the Observer’s writers do not seem to feel that one format must be applied to all bilingual situations. . . . Wilbur 0. Fogg, 4719 O’Meara Dr., Houston 77035. More Encouragement The quality of the paper has catapulted . . . and it is again the Observer which I have always found interesting and pertinent. I am pleased you are again emphasizing political news and insight in the customary professional manner. Fred McLeroy, Atty., 700 Rio Grande, Austin 78701. Give that bunch in Austin what for! Mickey Mermelstein,,3014 Sunnybrook, Tyler Tx. 75701. I had recently been wavering in my desire to keep the Observer. However, I have found the last couple issues to be on a par with the Observer of some time back, two or three years ago when I first started reading it as a UT-Austin government class requirement. Despite my own tight financial budget, I’ll consider the Observer essential reading once more. Brad Burkons, 424 Hodges, Apt. C, Lake Charles, La. 70601. The recent issues you sent me were impressive . . . good, well-written, intelligent articles. . . . In these hard political times for progressives I also support your movement-building. D. W. Carroll, 614 Mauze, San Antonio 78216. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21