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SEQtELS Mayor Henry Cisneros of San Antonio, in what may become a reverse-offield, says he will soon decide whether to align himself with the position that San Antonio should set a ceiling on spending for its 28% share of the South Texas Nuclear Project or even reduce its share to 14%.. The city election in San Antonio reduced the pro-STNP majority by one, to 7-4, with new council member Maria Berriozabal now voting for the 14% ceiling. In Austin, the city council runoffs as expected confirmed an anti-STNP majority on the city council. With the election favor of going to the voters on whether Austin should get rid of its 16% share of STNP. Even the r0-election of Mayor Carole McClellan, 54%-46% over Bob Binder, does not bode well for the STNP contractors, since McClellan is seriously considering legal stepsto seek recovery of cost overruns from the companies. Dan Davidson, the Austin city manager, resigned. No one doubts that, because of the election returns, it was that or be fired. 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Maggie Lambeth, 221 Losoya, San Antonio, Texas 78205 COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS ACORN needs organizers to work with low and moderate income families in 16 states for political and economic justice. Direct action on neighborhood deterioration, utility rates, taxes, health care. Tangible results and enduring rewards long hours and low pay. Training Classified advertising is 30 per word. Discounts for multiple insertions within a 12month period: 25 times, 50%; 12 times, 25%; 6 times, 10%. Wright, Fort Worth, now, but will pull back if it does not yield signs of working. Wright won against a GOP onslaught with 62% in 1980. He retorted at once, calling NCPAC extremist and Dolan a hired gun. A confidential Dolan memo, or a document alleged to be that, also considers targeting Jim Mattox and Martin Frost of Dallas, Jake Pickle of Austin, and Henry Gonzalez of San Antonio. Dolan said he’s also considering targeting Bentsen. The alleged Dolan strategy memo says, among other things: “Creating a negative impression is easier than creating a positive impression. . . . people decide on images rather than substance.” Pickle, spotlighted as chairman of the House subcommittee on Social Security, evidently missed a call. When Reagan announced his sharp Social Security cuts, Pickle responded, “It is a sincere package. . . . I am concerned that even with this, the program will be on thin ice. . . . But I don’t think that either the subcommittee or the Administration is locked into any one approach. . . . We will be workir}g hard together. . . .” When the overwhelming reaction against Reagan’s proposals took hold and the Senate unanimously voted, in effect, no, Pickle was left looking like he’d climbed on a sinking boat. Notes from the Right The late H. L. Hunt’s son, Bunker Hunt, is about a fourth of the way to rais ing $1 billion for a world-wide evangelistic campaign he calls “Here’s Life World.” Hunt is quoted, “We have reached the highest plateau reached by any attempt to evangelize the world.” Meanwhile, Bunker Hunt, Cullen Davis, and 50 or so other ultra-rich Texans have formed a new conservative organization, the Council for National Policy, with membership restricted to 200. The stated purpose: “to exchange ideas and discuss the future.” I A former vice president of the Texas AFL-CIO and ex-organizer ,for the operating engineers, J. Frank Parker, is featured as a “union-buster” \(a title he Texas Business, which says Parker’s firm, Man agement Center International, Inc. of Dallas/Fort Worth, has defeated unions in 54 out of 55 union-organizing campaigns in which it has advised management. Parker is quoted that unions are no longer necessary, don’t help working people, and make workers do nonproductive work, and that a company that “pays the correct wage,” has the right benefits, and uses correct operating procedures eliminates the workers’ desire for a union. Texan Robert Strauss, Carter’s chairman of the Democrats and trade ambassador, has been hired in Washington as a lawyer by AT&T, which is embroiled in congressional struggles over legislation to increase its competition. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 19 ,s *4, 40.’. o*,, ,,