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Ceverha of Dallas tried to cut funds from $27 million to $2 million. Ceverha argued that the money went through the Department of Human Resources to family planning clinics that advocate abortion. The sponsor of a bill requiring parental consent for minors who want abortions, Ceverha objected that state funding freed other funds for “a massive lobby effort on the national level” against right to life groups. Washington said that “it is inconceivable that anyone who would be in favor of the right to life . . . would not be in traceptives.” Legislators pointed out that state and federal law prohibits using the money for abortions. Rep. Wilhelmina Delco of Austin said the clinics give much needed advice on a variety of other health problems including hypertension, cervical cancer, and venereal disease and may represent the only health care that poor women get. “Members, do not be deluded by certain key and code words,” she said. Ceverha agreed that Title 20 funds cannot be used for abortion, but said there was no prohibition against “recommending that women go to abortion clinics and that is what is going on in theSe planned parenthood clinics… . The so-called family planning clinics ‘have a vested interest in abortion.” The House voted his amendment down 103-28. Rep. Debra Danburg of Houston was defeated 84-46 in an attempt to increase funds for family planning. She noted that one out of every ten illegitimate births in the nation occurs in Texas, many of the children winding up on welfare. In a move that may or may not have been related to Ceverha’s objections to lobbying by family planning groups, the House passed a rider prohibiting organizations which receive state funds or contracts from lobbying in the legislature. When Danburg asked sponsor Gene Green of Houston if that would prevent Jim Kaster and David Dean of the Governor’s office from lobbying, Green replied, “That’s not a bad idea.” Danburg also contended that it would prohibit lobbying by representatives of the University of Texas and Texas A&M. It was adopted 98-26. Only three senators present voted against their bill. One of these, Lloyd Doggett, said Texas still has its spending priorities skewed, i.e., spending more on highways than education. During brief debate the Senate rejected an amendment by Sen. Bill Meier of Euless to cut spending more or less 6 MAY 15,1981 across the board 5%. This would have reduced the Senate bill by nearly $500 million, leaving money-matching federal funds untouched. The Senate budget gives state employees similar pay raises to the House bill and gives teachers a 26.6% increase in 1983. College faculty would be up 17.6% in 1982 and 8.7% in 1983. Abused and neglected children would get a total of $126.8 million, with $38.2 Speculations Lock Me THERE’S A LOT to be gained by turning myself in this minute and serving out my sentence ahead of the rush. If you think 3,000 extra prisoners is too many, just wait a couple of years until you are up before congressional investigative committees confessing that you used to date a Vista volunteer or some other international terrorist and that you once publicly purchased recordings by James Brown. I can see me right now at a hearing of the Suburban Ladies Righteousness and Femininity League confessing, “yes, I wore slacks to the office and when sexually harassed, kind of enjoyed it.” Make no mistake, today’s Savonatolas are getting out the matches, and any of million for family planning. The Senate turned down an amendment denying state funds to family planning clinics that give contraceptives to minors -without parental consent. The Senate bill increased nursing home care for welfare recipients $70.6 million to $983.5 million and diverted $14.9 million in driver education, student teaching and community education funds to teachers’ pay raises. MARY LENZ Up Now us associated with the 1960’s or with anyone who sympathized with the 1960’s are in serious trouble. The move is on to wipe any trace of the “whoopee” from the social and political spectrum. The Texas legislature is going to get us jailed for life for handing some 17-yearold twit a funny cigarette, or passing a mug of suds to somebody 18. America’s justice officials have awakened to the fact that the nation’s truly dangerous criminal element priests, ministers, defense attorneys, and reporters have been lurking behind a slimy shield of “privilege” and should be made to suffer for it. BY COOPERATING with justice officials before they bust the rest of you, I figure not only will I get a shorter sentence, but I will get a sentence, period. An Illinois legislator just tried to introduce a bill to make some offenses punishable by loss of a hand. Stoning cannot be far behind. Also consider the fact that the early jailbird is going to get the most for’ his or her book rights. Once the Democratic National Committee, the bar association, and every other electric-guitar player in the country wind up in the cooler, the market for prison memoirs is going to be deader than the Bill of Rights. And in terms of ‘job opportunity, if I play my cards right, I should be getting out of jail just as the New York Times staff is going in. There may be a way out for some of you. You can burn all copies of literature by Hunter Thompson, cancel subscriptions to newspapers containing cartoons by Gary Trudeau, set your car radio on easy listening, take a foetus to lunch, and hire a maid. But if you don’t think you’re quite up to it, buy yourself a tin plate and join me and the other campers in Tent 202. It’s going to be another mild winter. By Mary Lenz Austin With 3,000 extra bodies crammed into our state prisons this may not seem like the ideal time to head for a jail cell voluntarily. But I have discussed this with officials from the Departments of Public Safety and Corrections. If all works out I may get a place in one of the new tents v the governor is planning to issue. After all, as the Governor says, “there’s nothing like the noise of rain on a tent,” and as I myself never had an opportunity to go to summer camp, .I am rather looking forward to the experience. Since I am a semi-liberal, semimainstream Democrat who favors job quotas, acid rock, women’s lib, welfare moms, civil liberties, liquor by the drink, short’ people with dark complexions, hell raising and general cussedness and since my circle of friends has included dope fiends, foreigners, weirdos, members of the Capitol press corps, drunks, transvestites, criminal lawyers, New Yorkers, and people who dislike football, I figure I’m pretty much doomed anyway. Irt .4*.i.oerAr,e,01e#,6144,40.iftpeit.iftwilpiNo