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Sincerely yours b ‘ Berna t Advertisement American Income Life Insurance Company EXECUTIVE OFFICES: P.O. BOX 208, WACO. TEXAS 78703, 817-772-3050 BERNARD RAPOPORT Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer February 13, 1981 Mr. Norman Hill Executive Director A. PHILIP RANDOLPH INSTITUTE 260 Park Avenue South New York, New York 10010 . . .it is a pleasure to advise you, Norman, that our Mr. Howard Coughlin will be presenting a $5,000 check to you for the A. Philip Randolph Institute in behalf of American Income Life Insurance Company and its Labor Advisory Board. It’s a pleasure for us to be helpful in promoting the work of the A. Philip Randolph Institute which makes such a significant contribution to bettering the lives of all Americans. I do want to mention one item that is a bit self-serving, Norman. Our contributions are made possible through the cooperation of our State General Agents, our General Agents and our one thousand Agents, all of whom are union members and who contribute their monies and their efforts in the promotion of those things that promote the labor movement–all of this, not only because it serves our self-interest, but because of their combined understanding that a healthy labor movement is essential to the democratic way of life. BR/sk THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13