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course act and they’re gonna be on the receiving end.’ .. . “In any event, Bernard . . . showed up at KTBC [the Johnsons’ station in Austin] the next morning with 25 grand and we laid down the dough and bought 30 minutes on TV. We put Barbara Jordan, Oscar Mauzy . . . Charley Wilson .. . and the great Joe Bernal and they told the people the story, aided and abetted by the great John Henry Faulk . . . . “Monday mornin’ over 15,000 women showed up, God bless the Lord . . . they hung the Governor, in effigy, unfortunately, at 6:30 and hung old Baby Ben at 7, and I tell you, the Rangers and the DPS [the Department of Public Safety] removed the women from the Capitol at 2:30 in the afternoon, called it a bomb scare, but the only bomb they had was all them mad women. “It’s the only time in my experience of 35 years that a bill was pulled down by the author . . . . Baby Ben had slicked it through the Senate, and the House had the bill defeated by 4:30. And do you know that to this day, a food tax in Texas has never been re-introduced . . . .” George McAlmon, an attorney and businessman in El Paso, said: “Bernard Rapoport is probably the most generous man in the United States, generous in charities, generous in politics, but for some perverse reason . . . he insists on projecting a tough-man image during the workin’ hours. Many of you have heard him say or read in the press, `In business, I am a predator.’ .. . “Now, Bernard, you can wear a great big ol’ dirty mountain-lion skin around your shoulders during the week all day long . . . but you’re not foolin’ anybody . . . . “This man is generous in business as well as in any other sense. He is always trying to get people together. He is crowding friends. ‘Do this.’ He’s helping them get together . . . . “He is for scores of us scheming, conniving, greedy businessmen, a one-man Marshall Plan. We’re always after him for something.” Hightower, now president of the Texas Consumer Association, said: “We’re glad that you’re buzzin’ around, because if you weren’t, this would be a far worse country, and certainly this state would be far worse off . . . . “You been a friend to me, a good one, personally, politically. I think I can tell a story on ya as a result o’ that. “About six or seven years ago I was in Washington, D.C., with B, and we were walkin’ across the Capitol grounds, and he was hustlin’ me to come back to Texas . . . he ‘uz sayin,”Come on back down,’ and then in a candid moment .. . B turned to me and he said, ‘Jimmy, I’m only gonna deliver one-tenth of what I promise to you, but that’s gonna be ten times more than anybody else is gonna give you.’ “That’s exactly the truth, and you know, he gave a hundred times that, because you know a lotta people’ll give ya money, not enough, of course, but a lotta people’ll give ya money, because they’re makin’ an investment, but B invests his heart . . . .” WILLIAM’ W. WINPISINGER, the president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, said: “I suspect the reason that we all so much value and cherish this man is because he learned the fundamental and basic lesson a long time ago, as have we: he knows that power in this country flows two places, to those who have the money and to those who have the people. God knows, Barney, we know you got the money. I can remember a time when I thought we had the people. Some one of my colleagues told me a long time ago, when I was a young man, ‘Money doesn’t talk, Wimpy. It swears.’ “Now I don’t want you to get the idea, Barney, that I’m, taking off on one of those damn radical tirades of mine, and you’ll know I’m not, and you’ll know I’m not knocking the American capitalist system, when I swear that your money talks. “And you oughta know as well that I have none the less a believer on my side than Abraham Lincoln, because Lincoln said a long time before he was President that these capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert to fleece the people. We’re eternally thankful, Berney, that you mastered Lincoln’s lesson so well that no one has ever said that about Bernard Rapoport. “You’re a lot more like Ben Franklin, ……….. commuNrr needs organize crate income fain and economic justi borhood deterioration , o health care. Tangible resti,k,”-” ring hours and loOv pay; $ -$ ntact ACORN, 503 West Mary, wA .YCLES. 2404 San ver your bicycle CHRISTIAN PEACE COMMUNITY seek. ngS,4040e-life” forming. Write: Cane Ridge, Box 2756, Denton, Texas 76201. THE SAN ANTONIO Democratic League meets the first Thursday of each month. For information, call Jim Bode at 344-1497. ZBACKPACKING MOUNTAINEERING RAFTING, Outback Expeditions, P.O. Box JOIN THE ACLU. Membership $20. Texas Civil Liberties Union, 600 West 7th, Austin LP ST SSILE in Texas and New Me 0. American Friends Service Committee is working for disarmament, peace, and justice. Write AFSC, 1022 W. 6th, Austin 78703. A NEW PUBLIC FOUNDATION PRO VIDING GRANTS TO SOCIAL CHANGE ORGANIZATIONS IN TEXAS is seeking a fulltime senior staff administrator starting . May 1, 1981; to coordinate outreach and grant procedures, oversee office and staff operations, assist a statewide funding council and committees of the. Board. Knowledge of Texas, self-motivation, ability to work indepen , dently, experience with grassroots organizations and citizen activism. public speaking, community relations, supervisory and organizational skills required. Fluency in Spanish preferable. Office located in Austin, Texas; some statewide travel necessary. Salary Box 4601, Austin, Texas 78765 by APRIL 1, 1981. IftIN g WARM ‘ ‘sl k s s W\\ ..1144.< ?..! t ,;r 4 . Classified advertising ' is counts for multipi*irtkirti' . month period: 25 times, 50%; 12 tirnes, times, 109/o, 20 MARCH 13, 1981