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sk -,..v..-..-=y -..-= x. -, 0….=1/,-,=-_ 0=0=–._.–_-0=x -=0..-=0=, I i f i .. “Hey man, there’s nothing wrong with your hands. Where’s it arm, trying to keep his balance, he chanted in rhythm with his . 11 hurt?” steps. II -\\$, “Could I have a glass of water, please? I think there’s one on “Let’s go! Let’s go!,” trying to blot out the thought of being 11 the sink.” hit. II li Frank rose to his knees, preparing to roll Gentry over and Milota kept screaming, reaching behind him, digging his check for wounds. He pushed one hand under Gentry’s fingernails into Frank’s hands, struggling to pry loose Frank’s II shoulder and the other under his thigh. He jerked his hand away grip on his collar. II 1, from the thigh. It felt like hamburger underneath,. cold ham CRACK! 11 ” burger like in the supermarket. It was the coldness that startled Stoppit goddamit!” 11 Ti him. He moved his hand a little further down the leg and started to II “Let’s go! Let’s go!” o roll Gentry over. II CRACK! CRACK! t\( He reached the edge of the terrace and with a burst of panic 11 Frank threw himself flat, pressing his cheek into the ground. he threw himself backwards over the rim, his back slamming 11 . iSomeone, oh God, someone could see him! II CRACK! CRACKACRACK! into the ground, Milota’s bulk crashing down on top, knocking k’s the wind out of him. 11 11 The bullets were coming close. They sounded like sonic He pushed Milota off and lay still, his eyes closed, waiting for il booms the pressure in his chest to ease away. The firing was still . the ground. His pulse filled his throat and ears, almost bouncing distinguishable sounds. He couldn’t hear Milota. He wondered steady, but beginning to slacken, dissolving into individually 11 11 He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to press himself closer to II him off the ground with each beat. The heat from the ground whether he’d killed him. il –s i , stung his cheeks. IIHands were touching him. .., CRACK! He opened his eyes. A medic was bent over him, checking for ,” II He flinched as something warm and wet sprayed across the wounds. il bare skin of his back. He jerked his head up and tried to see his “I’m okay, doc. Chec k him out Frank nodded towards II 11 back. He noticed a hole in Gentry’s temple, blood coming out Milota. il like sugar out of a sack. He remembered he didn’t have a shirt The medic moved over to Milota. ,;, 11 on and wondered if it would hurt more if he got hit without a 11 shirt. Suddenly he wanted his shirt. He couldn’t stand the Frank’s body hurt everywhere. His right arm hurt from the II thought of metal impacting on his naked skin. strain of pulling Molota. His back hurt from landing on the He began crawling frantically back towards Milota and his ground. His stomach and chest burned and itched from crawling i through the dry grass. He sat up slowly and began untangling ‘. 11 shirt, tearing the knees in his trousers. his left arm, finally slipping his arm through his sleeve. He 11 “Price, let’s get outta here!” ii “What about Gentry?” looked around. -\\.. The area along the base of the terrace was strewn with prone 11 “He’s dead. Let’s go.” figures like high tide line at a beach. A collage of military debris 11 ._ Frank reached his shirt, sat back on his feet and hurriedly greenclad bodies, some naked from the waist up, some from the waist down, some completely naked, some bodies wrapped 11 11 began pulling the sweat-wet cloth over his arms. 11 “Gimme a hand with Milota! Let’s go! Let’s go!” in ponchos, flashes of white skin or white skin smeared with 11 .’ Price jumped to his feet, moving hunched-over to Milota. red, clean bandages, bloody bandages, empty first-aid wrap rt pers, plasma bottles hanging frm rifles, discarded clothing, 11 Frank’s left sleeve was tangled. He was trying to force his arm boots, rifles, helmets. People were moving slowly among the ii ticipation of a bullet. through. He skin felt electrified, twitching involuntarily in an debris, tending the wounded. Occasionally men would emerge II CRACK! from the brush on the terrace above, bringing more wounded or II , dead. Someone was screaming. He was puzzled. How long had li “Let’s go! Let’s go!” he yelled sing-song, bobbing his head up he been up on the terrace? 11 and down franciedly, urging Price to hurry. Frank looked at the medic. CRACKACK! “Hey doc. You seen Sgt. Glasborner # ‘, Price slung his rifle, knelt down, grabbing Milota’s feet, wait “Dead” he answered distractedly, intent on Milota’s wound. if 11 ing for Frank to grab Milota’s shoulders. “Sgt. Malloy?” II CRACK! 11 “Dead.” -,, Price leaned over Milota, pressing his helmet into Milota’s stomach. Milota screamed. “Where’s the rest of third platoon?” 11 11 .\\ “Over there somewhere,” he jerked his head back, indicating 11 “Get offa me, asshole! My guts, you’re KILLIN’ ME!” 4 a direction. “Trying to recover some of second platoon’s -, “What th’ fuck you doin’, Price?” Frank yelled. \\” 1 bodies.” II He saw the cluster of holes in the center of Price’s back. “Got any idea what’s goin’ on? What the plan is?” 11 His left arm still tangled in his sleeve, Frank stood up, placed “Fuck if I know.” He sounded irritated at all the questions. il -i, his foot against Price’s shoulder and shoved him off Milota. He “The gooks just kicked our asses good, that’s all I know. And II _11 grabbed the back of Milota’s collar and began walking back we ain’t got enough shit to take care of everybody and the li wards towards the edge of the terrace. choppers are too chickenshit to come in ’cause of the fire. 11 , Milota screamed in pain. Things are just fucked up, that’s all I know.” 11II “Leggo goddamit, you’re killin’ me!” The medic stood up, still talking to himself, and moved to CRACK! wards two men carrying a third in a poncho. ll II Back-pedalling faster and faster, trying to untangle his left Frank remained sitting. He knew he should try and find Ills II 11 i.=/ \(=_-,7\(=_-.A=_-A.=….-Az.-..70=-.-.7.7.-_._ -_riz_-…0=_-_7\(=A=ye=7….. -7\(=A=z-A.=A= -_-_0=_7\( —-A=.:A=yt.:.-_–ye.= -A=./\(=_-,A=ytx.: -_:A.:_ .., THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13